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Black Onyx Jewelry  

Onyx Gemstone Jewelry, About Gold or Silver Black Onyx Jewels 

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In this report on black onyx jewelry we will discuss some interesting issues related to jewelry with black onyx gemstones. Do not expect much of a sales pitch here as the objective is to educate and inform rather than to get a few orders for onyx gem stone jewelry. Towards the end of the report you will be introduced to some fine onyx jewels. These should give you an idea of what you should look for when choosing gold or 925 silver jewelry with black onyx gemstones. 

It might not be wrong to say that, black onyx jewelry is more often wore by men as compared to ladies. But this surely does not relate to the color of beauty of this black gem. Black onyx is a gorgeous gem, it's uniform black color and subtle sheen are bound to impress every gem and jewelry lover. Our research into the reasons for the popularity of black onyx jewelry among men brought some very interesting facts to light. We would like share some of these findings with you. Men generally do not prefer bright gems, there are many men who are not impressed by the glitter of gems too. This makes black onyx a good choice for such men. Another reason for the popularity of black onyx jewelry for men, is related to the size and price of gems. The price of most gemstones increases sharply as the gem size increases. Combine this with the fact that mens gemstone jewelry would generally require large gems, the price component for the gemstone takes on added importance. Black onyx is not a very expensive gem, it can be found in fairly large sizes - this makes black onyx jewelry affordable to a wide range of budgets.

While it is true that onyx gemstone jewelry is popular with men, you will find some scintillating black onyx jewelry for ladies too. Black onyx bracelets, black onyx rings and even pendants with black onyx gems can be found in various styles and dimensions. We had crafted some amazing black onyx silver bracelet for an Australian buyer a couple of years ago. This simple onyx bracelet alternated 6mm round faceted gems of black onyx and london blue topaz - the effect was amazing. The bracelet appeared at least 3 to 4 times more expensive than, it's actual price.

If you have traced the trends for black onyx jewelry, you would be aware that initial concepts opened combined black onyx gems with marcasite. This trend remained active for many years despite the fact that, the marcasite stones often dropped off the mounting. If you wish to strike a sharp color contrast by combining gems, you could combine white topaz or even white sapphires with your black onyx jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver jewelry. If you are looking for a lesser contrast in gem color, dark london blue topaz, deep purple amethyst or even darker red garnets combine well with black onyx gems.

One thing that is often seen in black onyx jewelry is the use of large gems. While a large proportion of stones in gold or silver onyx jewelry are cut without facets (cabachon), you can request for the gem to be cut with facets too. The multi faceted checkerboard cut for black onyx, throws up a splendid display of multiple reflecting surfaces. You could never believe that a dark opaque gem would appear so attractive until, you see a checkerboard cut black onyx gemstone. There is an important suggestion that we would like to make related, to gem cut in the case of black onyx gems. The fact that the gem is not very expensive, encourages gem providers to cut them thick and often with a high bulging top. If you wear an onyx ring, onyx bracelet or probably even onyx cuff links with a gem that protrudes very much - you basically increase the chances of the gem hitting against hard objects or surfaces and getting damaged. This might not be a big issue for black onyx pendants as they are unlikely to hit against anything, but for other types of onyx gem stone jewelry make sure that you take the height of the gem into consideration.

We often get an interesting request from onyx ring buyers, they prefer to the gem touch the finger from under the ring. This is actually due to a traditional belief related to onyx and many other gems too. It is believed that the special properties of the gem become much stronger if, the gemstone touches the skin. While we have never claimed that our gems have any magical properties, we can customize the jewels that we make to ensure that the gem touches the skin. If you prefer to have onyx jewelry where the gem touches the skin, make sure that the bottom portion of the onyx gemstone is not sharp or pointed. A rounded cut for the bottom of the gem will ensure that the stone does not scratch or hurt delicate skin.

Below are some examples of onyx gem shapes and cuts. The idea is to explain better what we have stated above regarding faceted black onyx gems and also about, the height (depth) of the cut onyx stone. Just keep in mind that we custom cut all gemstones so, the shape, size and type of cut can all be decided by you. This is true of both gold and 925 silver onyx gem stone jewelry that we make to order. We would suggest that you read the above portion of this black onyx jewelry report before, reading the notes under the gem images. The notes are directly related to what has been discussed in the above content.

faceted black onyx gems onyx gems
Faceted black onyx gems. The cut on these onyx gem stones is the conventional cut and the gems do not rise too high. Suitable for all types of black onyx gemstone jewelry. A multiple cut similar to the checkerboard cut, would need some amount of caring when being worn. These gems could have been cut with an almost flat base too. These onyx stones have a smooth cabachon cut. If you expect the gem in your onyx jewel to touch the finger, mount the stone as seen in the stone at the back. The gem in the front would ideally be cut a little more flatter to, ensure that it is not prone to hitting hard objects and surfaces when it is mounted.

Below are some interesting examples of onyx gemstone jewelry. As we had mentioned below the modest price of the gem and the fact that, it is available in fairly large sizes makes it suitable for all types of black onyx jewelry. We can custom make your onyx jewels with your designs or ours, the dimensions, shapes and cut for the black onyx stones used in your jewelry can be selected by you. The very good thing about all our custom jewelry is that, get the same quality of craftsmanship, gems and designs for the gold or 925 silver jewelry that you order.


The above information will equip you better to make the right buying decision when, choosing a gold or 925 silver jewel with black onyx. Email our support experts at if you need any information or clarifications related to gems and jewelry. We are always willing to share our experience and expertise without expecting you to purchase anything from us.

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