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Chrysoprase Gemstones, Information About Australian Chrysoprase
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Chrysoprase From Australia, Information On The Gemstone

Chrysoprase is a green gemstone mined mainly in Australia. The gemstone can vary from totally opaque to translucent. The Australian chrysoprase very often looks like green jade of the jadeite variety. This gemstone is however not the same as jade and has a beauty and lure of it's own. Read all about this fascinating gemstone right here.

Chrysoprase gemstones from Australia

What Is The Chemical Composition Of The Chrysoprase Gemstone

Chrysoprase is a valuable variety of microcrystalline quartz (chalcedony). Chemically it consists of almost nothing besides silicon dioxide. The green color of Chrysoprase from Australia comes from the traces of nickel within the gem stone. On the Mohs scale of hardness the chrysoprase gemstone measures up at around 6-7.

History Of The Chrysoprase Gemstone

The chrysoprase gemstone was used to make seals and signets by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. During the same time jewellery was also made from the gemstone. Chrysoprase containing jewelry pieces are also recorded from the Victorian era.

What Are The Colors Of The Australian Chrysoprase Gemstone

As mentioned above, the nickel content in chrysoprase gems gives the gemstone a green color. The green color of chrysoprase from Australia can vary from, very pale green through apple green and into a deeper rich green. The gemstone is generally opaque but, better quality chrysoprase can also be transluscent. The lustre of this gemstone can best be described as vitreous to resinous.

How Does Good Quality Chrysoprase Gemstone Look

Chrysoprase is quite often opaque, however the more translucent the gemstone the better the quality. There is a very minute quantity of chrysoprase mined that is semi transparent to transparent and this is very highly valued. However most of the good quality commercially traded chrysoprase gemstone is translucent. Chrysoprase from Australia is very easy to work on and takes a fine polish. Good quality chrysoprase would be medium green, tending towards apple green. It would be without cavities and inclusions.

Chrysoprase Is Not The Same As Green Jade

Chrysoprase is very often referred to as Australian Jade. However this is not true and chrysoprase is not jade. Green jade consists of two main categories of gems, one is nephrite and the other jadeite. Chrysoprase however belongs to neither nephrite nor jadeite, it is basically a variety of chalcedony. Good quality chrysoprase can look a lot like high grade jadeite (green jade) but chemically they are poles apart. Chrysoprase is a gorgeous gemstone in it's own right, but don't get fooled into believing that it is jade.

We have tried to provide a sizable amount of information for Australian Chrysoprase on this web page. Simple and non trade language have been used to help you get to know this wonderful green gemstone. We do hope that you have found the information useful. Share this knowledge with your friends and collegues. They will be grateful for being introduced to kaisilver, the world's leader in high end custom made jewellery.

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