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Emerald Gemstone Information

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There Is A Scarcity Of Genuine And Frank Emerald Gemstone Information. The Sellers Of Emeralds Feel That A Clear Disclosure Of All Emerald Gemstone Treatment Information Will Keep Buyers Away. On The Other Hand Buyers Of Emerald Gem Stones Know Precious Little About Emerald Gemstones. Kaisilver Breaks The Silence And Discloses All That You Need To Know When Buying Emerald Gemstones. We Provide Emerald Information In Simple And Non Technical Terms. Once You Have All This Information About Green Emerald Gemstones You Can Decide For Yourself.

Chemical Composition And Hardness Of Emerald Gemstones
Emerald Is A Mineral Gemstone From The Beryl Family. It Has A Hardness Of 7.5-8 Mohs. This Is Quite Hard, But The Fact That All Emeralds Have Inner Fissures And Cracks Make Emeralds Liable To Break Under Physical Impact. The Emerald Gem Stone Is Chemically Beryllium Aluminium Silicate. Emeralds Have A Specific Gravity Of 2.63 To 2.91. Specific Gravity Is The Number Of Times Heavier A Gemstone Of Any Volume Is Than An Equal Volume Of Water.

Emerald Is The May Birthstone And Gemstone For The Zodiac Sign Taurus
For Those Of You Who Believe In Birth Stones, Emerald Gems Are The Birthstone For Those Born In The Month Of May. Besides Being The Birthstone For May Green Emerald Gemstones Represent The Zodiac Sign Taurus. Success In Love Is Attributed To The Emerald Gem Stone. The Emerald Gemstone In The Asian Mythological Narvratna Ring Represents The Planet Mercury. The Navratan Ring Is A Very Old Asian Tradition In Hindu Mythology And Consists Of Nine Gemstones. The Term Nav Means Nine And The Term Ratna Means Gemstones. Each Of The Nine Gemstones Is Supposed To Have Characteristic Powers That Can Be Imparted To The Person Wearing Them. There Is A Very Similar Belief In Buddhism And In Ancient Siam Now Called Thailand The Ring Was Called No-Pha-Kaow Ring. This Was Famous Among The Members Of The Royal Families And The Belief Was Similar To That Of The Hindu Mythology. The Other Eight Gemstones Besides Emerald In This Mythological Ring Are Diamond, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Moonstone, Zircon And Chrysoberyl Or Cat's Eye. Click Here For Birthstone Charts And Other Birth Stone Information

All Emerald Gemstones Are Treated
This Is Not An Exaggeration, The Basic Truth About Emerald Gems Is That They Are Always Treated. Emeralds Typically Have Inclusions, There Are Also Minute Surface Reaching Breaks That Are Filled With Natural And Man Made 'Oils' To Fill Them And Enhance The Look Of The Emerald Gemstone By 'Softening' The Visibility Of These Natural Flaws In Emerald Gems. This Is The Most Vital Information About Emerald Gem Stones That You Must Know. It Is Your Right To Know And Also Affects The Way You Care And Look After Your Emerald Gemstones And Emerald Gemstone Jewelry. Click Here For More Information On Treatments Used For Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Jewelry Design Considerations
Some Of The Precautions To Be Followed For Emerald Gemstone Jewelry Designs Are Dictated By The Very Nature Of Emeralds. The Fact That Many Natural Inclusions Are Present Make Emerald Gems Likely To Crack, Split And Break On Impact. Emerald Gems Are Very Often Bezel Set To Protect Them From Bumps And Knocks. Many Emerald Jewelry Designs Have The Emerald Gemstone Surrounded By Small Diamonds Or White Sapphires To Protect The Emerald From Side Impacts And Blows. If You Prefer A Large Emerald Gemstone Like A Male Emerald Gold Ring Make Sure That The Big Emerald Gemstone Does Not Have Long Elongated Cracks As This Could Cause The Emerald Gemstone To Split On The Line Of The Crack Even With The Lightest Impact.

Caring For Your Emerald Gemstones And Jewelry With Emeralds
Your Emeralds Are Always Treated With Oils And Other Fillers To Enhance Their Beauty And Also 'Soften' The Visible Defects. These Treatments Require Special Care To Be Excercised When Cleaning Your Emerald Gemstones Or Emerald Jewelry. Never Use Harsh Detergents And Hot Water When Cleaning Emeralds, Ultrasonic Cleaners And Any Cleaning Solutions That Contain Any Petroleum Distillates Should Be Completely Avoided. Avoid Soaking Your Emerald Gemstones And Only Use Something Like An Old Soft Toothbrush (No Toothpaste To Be Used). A Warm Moist Cloth May Also Be Used. Click Here For More Information On Caring For Your Emerald Gems

Buying Emerald Gemstones And Jewelry At Kaisilver
Kaisilver Is The World's Largest Online Provider Of Custom High End Jewelry And Gemstones. All Our Jewelry Can Be Made To Order With Gems Of Your Choice. We Have Direct Access To A Massive Inventory Of Over 100 Million Carats Of The Best Gemstones. Also, A Staggering Manufacturing Base Of Over 3,000 Skilled Craftsmen And 7 Top Notch Designers From 5 Nations. You Need Not Limit Yourself To The Gemstones That You See On Our Website, Let Us Know What You Need And Our Gemstone Experts Will Hand Pick And Custom Cut The Gemstone For You. You Can Also Send In Your Jewelry Design Images And We Will Provide You A Price Quote For Making The Same. Click Here For Some Big Emerald Gemstones

Emerald Gemstones May Require Re-treatment After A Few Years
The Emerald Gems May Lose The Oils Or Fillers After A Few Years Of Wear. This Is Quite Normal. The Emerald Gemstones In This Condition Become Quite Brittle And Are More Prone To Cracking And Breaking. Most Local Jewellers Are Well Informed To Do The Treatment Required For Emeralds And You Can Avail Of Their Services.

We Do Hope That You Have Found This Information About Emerald Gemstones Useful. Some Of You Might Just Feel That There Is Too Much Caring To Be Taken And Decide Not To Buy Emerald Gems. This Would Make Sellers Like Us Lose A Few Buyers. This Is Also Precisely The Reason Why Most Sellers Do Not Provide Complete Information Regarding Emerald Gems And The Treatment Information For Emerald Gemstones. We Feel That It Is Our Duty To Keep You Informed And Take It As A Responsibility, After All We Are More Than Just A Jewelry Seller, We Are On Your Side.

Emerald Gemstone Ring, The Irish Claddagh Ring
A 375 year history, surely one of history's most meaningful jewels. A stupendous rendition of the Irish Claddagh Ring. Available in medium grade and premium grade emerald. Custom made by some of the finest jewelry craftsmen. Handfinished to perfection in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with all gem stone options. Sterling silver claddagh rings also available with the same fine craftsmanship. ...more

Emerald Ring With Diamond
This sleek emerald diamond ring is perfect for an engagement or wedding ring. As always, the ring is available with all gem stone options and can be ordered with or without the side diamonds. The ring is available in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Excellent craftsmanship and handfinishing like always. Order this emerald diamond ring with a medium grade emerald gemstone or the more gorgeous high quality emerald gemstone. The image shown here is a medium grade emerald gemstone. ...more

Emerald Gemstone Information
This is RG-EM-01 or the RG137 emerald and diamond ring. Available as a yellow or white gold emerald gem stone ring, the design and construction is sturdy and durable. With a choice of two grades of emerald gemstones, you can buy this as a casual wear ring or as a gorgeous engagement or wedding ring. Check out full details ... more.

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