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Gemstone Mountings, Issues Involved in Buying Gold Or Silver Mountings
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Gemstones Mountings In Gold Or Silver

We get numerous emails each day asking for custom made mountings. These buyers would have their own gems and require us to make just the mountings in silver or gold. In some cases, the buyer intends to send loose gems to us to be mounted in gold or silver. In other cases buyers provide size dimensions for their gemstones and expect us to make the mountings for these. In such cases, the buyers would most probably have a local jeweller mount their gemstones in the mountings created by us. There are certain points to be understood before we take up such orders. Will such mountings be of the same high end quality associated with jewelry from Kaisilver? Read this report for a complete understanding of this topic.

Some Information About Gemstone Sizes

For most jewelry buyers a gemstone size is represented in two dimensions. However high end jewelry mountings need to be very precise and require more information. An oval gemstone of size 9x7mm for example, will also have another dimension which is the depth of the gemstone. A mounting to fit the gemstone well would need all this information. Some jewelry providers would surely rush to grab your order with partial information. But this would mean that you compromise on quality or spend more money at your local jeweller when mounting the gemstone.

Type Of Gemstone Setting To Be Used

When making mountings in gold or sterling silver it is important to consider, the way in which the gemstone will finally be mounted. A prong setting for example, would allow the gemstone to be mounted later on. If the mounting requires the gemstone to be bordered all around with gold, the gemstone would ideally be mounted at the time of making the mounting.

However, in most cases the creation of high end gold or silver mountings should take into consideration the depth of the gemstone too. Gemstone sizes described in just two dimensions would very often lead to less than perfect, mountings.

Sending The Gemstone Over, The Fear Of Having It Changed

In some cases buyers consider shipping the gemstones over to the jewelry provider. The provider is then expected to make the complete jewel using the buyer's gem stones. While this solves the problem of getting exact dimensions of the gemstones, it creates a few problems of it's own.

The buyer often fears that the seller might change the gemstone and replace it with one of a lower grade. The seller is also afraid that the buyer might, unfairly accuse him of having changed the gemstones. It is fair to assume that the buyer would not intentionally accuse the seller of changing the gemstone. However it is quite possible that the buyer did not have the gemstone checked by a professional before despatching it to the seller. On receiving the finished jewel the buyer might like to get a jeweller to value the jewel. The case of the gemstone being a fake or of inferior grade might get revealed in such an inspection. The buyer then jumps to the conclusion that it was the seller who changed the gemstone sent to him. Most reputed jewellers therefore avoid accepting gemstones from the buyer for making jewelry.

There is ofcourse the additional cost factor involved in such an arrangement. Shipping and insurance costs will be incurred multiple times.

High Quality Craftsmanship And Finishing May Be Missing

When utilizing the services of a leading jewelry provider like Kaisilver there is another issue that is involved. All jewelry at Kaisilver has high end craftsmanship. Stringent quality control checks are performed at every stage of production. In the final phase of production, the jewel is hand finished to perfection by some of the world's best craftsmen. This is a very time consuming task and requires extremely skilled craftsmen and artisans. Ideally the handfinishing would be done after the jewelry is completely made and the gemstones set in them.

If you order just the silver or gold mounting and take it to your local jeweller along with your gemstones, this high end finishing would surely be missing. You would end up compromising on quality as small jewelry outfits do not have skilled craftsmen to offer such services. The few who do, would be quite expensive and labour charges would probably exceed the cost of the gemstones in some cases.

May Turn Out To Be An Expensive Proposition

In cases where you order just the gold or silver mountings, there is an additional cost involved at your local jeweller. He would charge you to set your gemstone and also additional finishing charges. In case the gemstone dimensions supplied were not accurate, adjustments to the mountings would be required and this would push the price up even further. For designs with intricate work, finishing charges would be steep in most developed countries. And if you try to save money at that stage you would end up with a substandard jewel that looks haphazard.

On the other hand, if you tried sending the gemstone over to the seller, you would have to bear multiple shipping and insurance charges. The gemstone and the ready jewel would both need shipment and insurance overheads.

The idea of getting mountings made for your gemstones would involve additional expenses. Consider all these issues before making up your mind.

Check The Cost Of Your Gemstones

In case of very expensive gemstones you need to consider the possibility, of the seller replacing them with fake or inferior gemstones. Besides this, the additional costs involved have been explained in the previous paragraphs, evaluate the details. Ensure that the additional charges involved do not exceed the cost of the gemstones themselves.

If the additional expenses are very high, consider buying the complete jewel including the gemstone from the seller. This would most probably be true with quite a few semi precious gemstones like, blue topaz, citrine, red garnet, amethyst, peridot etc. Multiple shipping charges and insurance would surely exceed the cost of the gemstones themselves.

It is not uncommon for buyers to get agitated the moment a seller refuses to make jewelry using the buyers gems. However a bit of thought would show that, these deals are quite risky and dangerous for the seller as well as the buyer. You need to consider your position on a case by case basis. The reputation of the seller and the value of the gemstones would need to be considered when making your decision.

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