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Gold In Purple Color, Blue Color And Even Black Gold

White gold and yellow gold are the most common types of gold colors used in jewelry making. But did you know that, various other colors of gold are also available and some of these colors may surprise you. For example, have you heard of purple gold, or black gold and even blue gold? It is quite likely that you might have never heard of these gold colors. Here are the details of the various gold colors used in gold jewelry production in recent times. However these attractive gold colors have some disadvantages over normal carat gold alloys. Read this complete report before you make any decision on ordering colored gold jewels.

Yellow Gold And White Gold Are Not The Only Gold Colors Available

In it's natural form gold is yellow in color. By varying the alloying metals we can get pale yellow or even white gold. This is what most of today's jewelry is made of. However it is possible to create jewelry with gold of unusual colors like purple gold, blue color gold and even black color gold.

How Is Purple, Blue, And Black Colored Gold Produced

This is possible by using one of two methods, the first is by formation of special gold metal compounds also referred to as Intermetallic Compounds. The second process is by forming a surface coating on gold, also referred to as Patination Of Gold. Both processes create attractive colors but they do exhibit some disadvantages over normal carat gold alloys. Purple Gold is also referred to as amethyst or violet gold. The process to make purple gold is to alloy gold and aluminium in a certain fixed ratio. Gold content is around 79% and is therefore qualified to be referred to as 18K gold. Cast pieces of purple gold are sometimes machined and faceted to be used as 'pseudo gems' in conventional jewellery. Blue Gold is also made as an intermetallic compound between gold and indium. The gold derives a bluish hue color. Manufacturing techniques are similar to those for purple gold. Black Gold is today possible using quite a few techniques. Electrodeposition using black rhodium or ruthenium is one method. Amorphouse carbon is also used at times, with the Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition process. Controlled oxidation of carat gold containing chromium or cobalt can also be made to yield black gold. Ruthenium containing, electroplating solutions give a slightly harder black coating as compared to electroplating solutions that contain rhodium.

Is Colored Gold As Good As Normal Carat Gold

In this context we are referring to gold with colors as purple gold, blue gold and black gold. All the gold colors mentioned here, have some disadvantages over normal carat gold alloys. They all tend to be a little brittle, so a sharp blow on a piece of purple gold will most probably cause it to shatter. Such gold colors also tend to tarnish more easily. For black coloured gold, the blacker the gold, the less wear resistant it would be. For black gold colors, electroplating solutions containing ruthenium give a slightly harder coating as compared to solutions containing rhodium. Rubbing or abrading conditions should be avoided for all these coloured gold.

Are Purple Gold, Black Gold, Blue Gold Etc, Expensive

Going by the other metals used along with carat gold to create colored gold, it does not seem to be an expensive proposition. However when the involved production techniques are to be used for single piece orders, the financial feasibility is not very attractive. Single pieces of jewelry in these gold colors could therefore come with a high price tag. Looking at it from another point, purple gold, black colored gold, blue gold etc are not as sturdy and strong as carat gold, the color could also abrase off with time or under certain conditions. This would in a way add to the overall cost of these colored gold jewels.

Repairs And Modifications To Colored Gold Jewels

Given the fact that very few jewellers actually make purple gold jewelry or jewellery using black or blue gold, it would be quite difficult to find a jeweller to modify or even 're plate' your colored gold jewelry. Resizing or other repairs would become expensive even after finding a jeweller willing to take up the task. So make sure that you reflect on all these issues before ordering colored gold jewelry. This does not refer to white gold and yellow gold jewellery that is worked on all over the world.

Through this small and yet informative write up, we have tried to answer some of the very frequently asked questions about colored gold. This information is not meant to provide a technique for the manufacture of colored gold, but rather explain about the gold and it's properties. Many of the production processes are patented and this makes it all the more difficult, to get a jeweller near you to work on jewelry made with colored gold.

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