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Facts About Jade Gemstone Rings 


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The general market for jade rings is ruled by an interesting irony, a significant demand for gold and 925 silver jade rings but, a very low awareness about jade gemstones among buyers. In this report we fill you in with essential information related to jade gemstone rings. Get to know things about jade that you never knew, it costs you nothing to learn as we do not expect you to make any purchase from us.

Two Gems: You might be confused if you were told that your jade ring could have a jadeite gem or a nephrite gemstone. The point is that, the name jade refers to both jadeite and nephrite. Unless you are a geological expert it is safe to presume that, the properties of jadeite and nephrite are very similar. You would therefore would be fine with either of these gems for your jade ring. Keep in mind that you would probably never know of these two gems being classified as jade, if you had not read this report!

Metal: Going by numbers it would be fair to say that 925 silver jade rings are crafted and sold in far greater numbers than, jade gold rings. This is something that is very evident when you talk about mens jade rings where, more than 80% of the rings purchased are ordered as sterling silver jade rings. In recent years, the senseless upward movement of gold prices has further firmed up the demand for jade gemstone rings in sterling silver. Interestingly this trend has brought in a good number of highend jewelry lovers who demand, the same quality for their sterling silver jewelry too. Tarnish would be an issue to be handled for silver jade rings but, that is quite easy to handle. Silver jewelry polish lotions and fabrics are available to help you easily polish away any tarnish that might form on your silver jade ring. Regarding various platings being offered as 'anti-tarnish' options for silver jewelry, we would like to say that all these platings have a temporary life and will not last forever. One important suggestion for cleaning jade silver rings, which might be relevant to jade gemstone gold rings too. Once the polishing operation is complete, rinse the ring thoroughly in cool, clean and plain water. It is quite possible that the polishing task leaves some residues on the gem or metal, rinsing the jade ring will take off such residue.

Color: Most of the jade rings made use green jade gemstones. The popularity of green jade is so high that, many buyers are not aware that other gem color options do exist for their gold or 925 silver jade ring. Lavendar (light purple), red, white, brown, yellow or even black are some other colors in which jade gems can be found. The important thing is that, if you had to restrict yourself strictly to natural color for your jade - green would give you the maximum choice. Other gem colors are not common in natural forms and therefore, command high prices. Please read and understand the paragraph related to treatments, and the color of jade will be better understood.

Even Color: It is every jade ring buyers to get a lovely color on the stone, this implies a fine color that is equally spread all over the gemstone. The fact is that, a very small proportion of rough jade that is mind actually comes with that color. This means that, the price of a jade ring with a gem that has a fine, uniformly spread color would be very high. You might think that all this is mere sales talk because, there are hundreds of jade rings with such color available at reasonable prices. This is something that is visible on our website too. To fully understand how you can get a gold or silver jade ring with a nice and evenly spread color at a modest price, read the next paragraph on 'treatments'.

Treatments:The desire to get a jade gemstone ring at a moderate price but, with a gem that has a fine color with no color zoning is indeed very strong. Since natural jade with such a color that occurs naturally, is very expensive, gem manufacturers have adopted the practice of dyeing jade. The amazing thing is that, more than 80% of the jade rings sold globally use dyed jade gemstones. So as you can see, there is a high rate of acceptability for jade treated by the dyeing process. This is mainly because jade gems treated in this way do not lose other properties like toughness etc. This is something that is not true for jade gems treated by other processes like fissure filling and waxing. So when you choose a jade ring, get clear information regarding the type of gemstone treatment used. Here is an interesting comparison of a jade gem that has a fine color naturally without being dyed and another, piece of jade with the same size, shape and color but with a dye treatment applied. A 12x10mm oval green jade can cost as much as 2,000 U.S$ to 5,000 U.S$ just for the gemstone if the color was pretty, uniform but not dyed. A similar (in appearance) dyed green gemstone would be reasonably priced at around 100 U.S$ to 300 U.S$ for the piece.

Untreated: We have now reached a very interesting part of our report on jade gemstone rings. If more than 80% of jade gems used in jewelry are treated, how can a buyer fulfill a desire to get a untreated gem for a silver or gold jade ring. Let us give you two options to satisfy such a requirement for your jade ring. Since most of us have modest budgets for jewelry buys, be willing to accept a gem with some color flaws for your jade ring. This will allow you to get a gemstone that is left untreated. But if you do insist on the finest color for your jade, be prepared to pay a rather heavy price for the jewel. And if you do go for such an expensive jade gemstone ring, here is a piece of advice. Request for a gem authentication certificate from the jeweler - minimum information would be related to the gem being a natural jade and the fact that it is not enhanced in any way. Detailed gemstone certification for gems that are either transluscent or opaque can cost around 100 U.S$ to 150 U.S$. Be ready to pay the fee if the jeweler requires you to do that, it is the best way to ensure that you are getting a really valuable jade gemstone ring.

Toughness: You obviously want to know whether jade is tough enough to be set in a ring. Good news here despite the fact that, jade has a hardness of 6.5 on the scale from 1 to 10. The internal structure of jade is made up of numerous fine fibers, these form something like a natural mesh and make jade tough enough to withstand daily use. Man was aware of this many thousand years ago and this is proved in an interesting way. The first use of jade was not in jewelry but rather, to make tools and weapons. So your jade ring does not require any special care but, you would obviously, keep it away from being hit by hard objects or hitting against hard surfaces. Keep in mind that this applies only to untreated jade or jade that has been dyed. Fissure filled or impregnated jade, would have reduced durability too.

Skin Contact: Like many gems that have a long history, jade is often worn for traditional reasons. Jade lovers who believe in the powers of the gemstone, often request for the gemstone to touch the skin. For jade rings this would mean that, the gem should touch the finger from inside the ring when it is worn. A jeweler who can custom make a jade ring for you could handle this  requirement in two ways. The gemstone when being cut, can be made to have a slight bulge on the back side of the stone. When such a gem is set in a gold or 925 silver jade ring and the back of the stone left open, the stone would touch the skin finger when the ring is worn. Make sure that the stone does not press the finger too much, this could make your jade ring uncomfortable to wear. In cases where it is not possible to get a custom cut jade gem, the jeweler could mount two cabachon jade gems back to back in the ring. You would have the same effect and the gemstone will touch the finger when the ring is worn.

 This report is not meant to promote our jade rings or jade gemstone jewelry, we will have absolutely no problem if you make your purchase from another jeweler. But if you do have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact our experts at sales@kaisilver.com We have provided links to some gorgeous jade rings below. You can read the details of these rings and decide, what to accept and expect when ordering a gold or 925 silver jade ring. And if you wish to work with us for your gems and jewelry requirements, you will be glad to know that we custom make all jewelry in gold or silver with designs and gemstones of your choice.  

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