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Kunzite Gemstone

Information and Caring For Kunzite Gem Stones

Gemstone: Kunzite
Mineral: Spodumene
Hardness: 6 To 7
Color: Light Pink (Lilac) to Deeper Shades Of Pink
Sources: U.S, Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar
Peculiarities: Color Fades When Exposed To Bright Light Or High Temperatures.

Kunzite gemstone

The mineral spodumene has been known to mankind for a very long time. However gemstone quality crystals of this mineral were found more recently. The Kunzite gemstone was first found in California, U.S in 1902. It was named after the gemologist George F. Kunz. The mineral spodumene has two major classifications as far as gemstone quality of the mineral are concerned. The pinkish or violetish pink type is referred to as Kunzite and the greenish variety of this mineral is called 'hiddenite'.

The Kunzite gemstone is generally found in larger sizes of upto 8 carats. Good colored and fine quality Kunzite in smaller sizes is not often found. This is the reason why the Kunzite gemstone is normally set in Kunzite pendants or larger sized Kunzite rings. The first find of the Kunzite gemstone was made in U.S but, it was later mined in a few other countries like Brazil, Madagascar and Pakistan.

Regarding the color of Kunzite gems, the lighter pink shades are cheaper as compared to the richer pink tones. Though not commonly practised, radiation can be used to enhance the color of Kunzite gem stones. The most important feature of Kunzite is also the one that is kept most secretive. The Kunzite gemstone fades in color if exposed to strong light or heat. Sellers fear that buyers would be put off if they knew this and do not make this disclosure to the buyer.

Kunzite gems exhibit the pleochroism effect that causes them to show different colors when viewed from different angles. Gemstone cutters who cut Kunzite gems always cut it at an angle that shows the maximum pink color when viewed from the top. It is a very difficult gemstone to cut and the wrong type of cut could ruin an otherwise stunning Kunzite gemstone. Though the hardness of Kunzite is quite good at 6 to 7 on the Moh's scale, the gemstone is quite fragile and will chip if struck hard. This needs to be kept in mind when designing Kunzite gemstone jewelry.

Looking after Kunzite gemstones and Kunzite gem stone jewelry. The gemstone is quite fragile and needs to be protected from impact. It will easily chip and break if struck hard. This point needs to be kept in mind right from the jewelry design stage itself. As already mentioned above, the Kunzite gemstone fades in color when exposed to strong light or heat. Do not leave your Kunzite ring in the hot sun or in a parked car that is left out in the sun. This characteristic of Kunzite makes your Kunzite ring ideal for indoor wear like dinner parties and other evening occassions. Should your Kunzite gemstone or Kunzite gemstone jewelry need cleaning, take it to a professional jeweller. Do not clean kunzite in a home ultrasonic cleaner, it could ruin the gemstone.

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Kunzite gemstone ring
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Other pink colored gemstones. There are a few other pink colored gemstones besides Kunzite. Pink Tourmaline is one such gemstone, the tourmaline gemstone has a few other colors like yellow and green. Pink tourmaline has shades of light pink to more pronounced darker shades of pink. Larger sizes of Pink Tourmaline are not very easy to find and those with good quality carry a premium price. Another pink colored gemstone that has become very popular in recent times is Pink Sapphire. The gemstone is quite expensive and sizes of 2 carats or less are generally used by designers in pink gemstone jewelry designs. There are many fake versions of 'pink sapphires' and you need to make sure that you get a reliable source. Pink Morganite is available in pale light pink colors, morganite is not a very popular gemstone, but jewelry lovers who have seen this gemstone are hypnotized by it's beauty and elegance. Some astounding large sized Pink Morganite gemstones are also available but these are quite expensive. We will end this brief list of pink gemstones with a mention of Pink Topaz. Jewelry with Pink Topaz gemstones is sold in substantial quantities, however there is something that you should know. Natural pink topaz is not very commonly found and many of the so called 'pink topaz' gemstones are, infact pink color coated, white topaz gems.

Birthstone Information And Charts: The Kunzite gemstone is not recognized as a birthstone or an anniversary gemstone. If you are looking for jewelry to be worn as a birthstone jewel or an anniversary jewel, see our detailed birth stone and anniversary gemstone charts. Click Here For Detailed Birthstone and Anniversary Charts

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