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Mothers day in some form or the other is celebrated in almost every nation. So should you wait for mothers day to get mother a ring, we would say no. Mothers rings are often purchased by fathers, to thank them for being such a wonderful mother of their children. In this report, we will talk about rings for mother and will also review the top ten recommendations for a mothers ring. Just keep in mind that your love, affection and respect for mother does not depend on the dollars that you send for her gift. At the same time, stop the cheap gimmick of scrubbing through Google search for a 'cheap mothers ring'. We will talk about options by which you could get a fine, sturdy ring for your mother at a modest price.

Plain Rings: This is one of the simplest and yet very touching, mother's ring suggestion. A plain band ring in gold or sterling silver a width in the range of 5mm to 7mm would suffice in most cases. Have a short message engraved on the top of the band, some ideas - Love You Mum, Forever Yours, Thanks Mum. Inside the band have your name or the names of all your brothers and sisters etched. You could even put the year of the gift in bold letters. When you choose a plain mothers ring, make sure that the ring is quite solid inside the band. This will make the ring sturdy, allow clear etching and will also be more comfortable on the finger. A plain gold or silver ring can have a moderate price because, the price tag need not accomodate the cost of a gemstone or diamond. It will also be easier to maintain and easier to resize if and when required. If you feel that a uniform band width for the ring does not look pretty, request for a ring where the band tapers a bit as you move towards the rear of the jewel.

Diamond Rings: A mothers ring with a diamond or two can signify many feelings. Diamonds have come to represent eternal love, fait and sacrifice that will last forever. Wearing a diamond ring is also regarded as a status symbol, though most mothers are about love and sacrifice rather than status! A mothers diamond ring would also represent an April birthstone ring so, if mum was born in the month of April - a diamond ring is what you should go for. Diamonds are expensive and that has remained so throughout history. As a general rule, select a mothers ring that would have a single diamond that is in the 2.5mm to 3.5mm range. This is the size point, where the equation between price and quality sounds most logical. The past, present and future concept applied to rings can be a good choice for a mothers ring too. In this design, a fine gold or silver ring has 3 diamonds set next to each other. The 3 diamonds could have a similar size - 2.5mm rounds are ideal. The three diamonds represent the past, present and future - something like love always, and always together through good times and bad. You could etch a suitable message inside the band of the ring just as we mentioned, in the plain rings option.

Gemstone Rings: Mothers rings with gems are very popular, the choice of gemstone type and size needs to be carefully considered. While the most popular gem selection is based on birthstones, there are other interesting options too. The tradition of wearing a birthstone is centuries old. It is still believed that wearing a birthstone designated to the month on which you were born, brings good luck and fortune and keeps bad and evil out of the way. You could also choose the gem for a mothers ring based her favorite color, you might have more gem options in this case. For example, a red gem need not always be ruby, you could consider red garnet or rubelite for reasons of cost and availability. Most natural gems show a sharp price increase (per carat) as the size of the stone moves up. If you wish to gift a gold or 925 silver mothers ring, with a large 10mm round red gem - forget natural ruby as it would cost you several thousand dollars. Red garnet would be the best choice in this case. Similarly, the September birthstone blue sapphire can also be quite cost intensive - choose a mothers sapphire ring where the gem size remains in the 6mm to 7mm. The modest size would allow you to get a good quality gem at a price that is likely to be in the vicinity of your budget. Besides gem size, shape is also an interesting feature that you could leverage for a mothers ring. While round and oval gems are most popular, a heart shaped gem could have much meaning too. Many jewelry lovers stay away from pear shaped gems, they claim that the shape reminds them of tear drops! A mothers gemstone ring needs to be evaluated for gem quality, sturdy gem setting and gem durability too. Some gems could be expensive and emerald is a good example but, require much care and attention when being worn, cleaned or stored. If mother is actively involved in household upkeep and gardening, a mothers tanzanite ring is unlikely to withstand that level of physical activity. Gems like turquoise and bloodstone should not be soaked in water or come into contact with strong detergents and solvents. The best thing would be to discuss exact specifications with your jeweler and get sufficient information, make sure the jeweler keeps sales hype for another ocassion.

Many Gemstones: There is no reason why a mothers ring cannot have more than one gemstone, you could also combine gems and diamonds in the same ring. You might have heard of the term family birthstone rings. These are typically made with for a mother and include birthstones of all the children. It is not uncommon for a father to gift a family birthstone ring to his wife, the loving mother of his children. Such a mothers ring might also include the birthstone of the father. The issues involved in selecting the gems for such a ring would be similar to those discussed in the above paragraph on, gemstone rings. Firm gem mounting is very important for such rings because, any loose or lost gem will take time and money to be replaced. Ask your jeweler to advise you regarding gem mounting styles, that best withstand daily wear and tear. If the gems combined in a mothers ring include moderately priced and expensive gems, it is quite fine to keep a moderate size (for all gems) to economize on the cost of the jewel.

Gold or Silver: The choice of metal for a mothers ring can be based on price point or personal preference. Irrespective of the ring being crafted in gold or silver make sure that, sufficient metal is provided for the jewel. A light weight heavily scooped mothers ring is likely to bend and deform easily, it can also be uncomfortable when worn all through the day. When choosing a mothers gold ring, keep the gold karatage of the metal in mind. Though 14k gold is the most popular choice for mothers rings, 10k can be a bit cheaper and 18k a little more expensive. For a mothers sterling silver ring, the debate on whether to plate or not plate the jewel goes on. While you can request for a gold or even a platinum plating to be done for your mothers silver ring, there is no plating that lasts for ever on silver jewelry. While an unplated silver ring would tarnish, modern silver jewelry polishing options are many. It is quite easy and convenient to polish a silver mothers ring to bring back the shine and take away, any tarnish that might have formed on the jewel. An interesting concept is to choose a classic vintage style silver ring for your mother, these jewels actually enhance their beauty and charm when a bit of tarnish settles on the ring. Another interesting feature of gold mothers rings that can be personalized relates to, the color of the gold. Yellow and white gold mothers rings are popular, you should however add the option for a rose (pink) gold ring for this important ring too.


birthstone charts
The above birthstone chart will help you pick the birthstone for a mothers ring. Most months have a few alternate birthstones too. It would therefore be a good idea to discuss options with your jeweler before making a purchase.

This above information should help you understand options for a mothers ring. Keep in mind that, there is no need to go overboard and get into debt to purchase this special ring for a very special person. It is the thought that counts, and no one understand that better than a mother. Having said that we would like to add a short note hear. It really breaks our hearts to see thousands of Google searches being made for 'cheap' mothers rings. If you really are in a bad financial position and cannot afford to get a decent ring for your mother, never mind. Just make your physical presence felt and give her a hand written card, write the message in your own handwriting. Do not hunt for cards that have paid someone, to coin interesting or touching messages to be printed on mass produced cards.


In the remaining part of this report, we discuss various ideas for mothers rings. Specific rings from our collection will be introduced and each of them has a detailed report, you can access each page through the corresponding link. As far as Kaisilver mothers rings are concerned, you will not experience limitations in terms of design, metal or gemstones. You could choose any of the designs from our website, specify your requirement for gold or silver and request for the gemstone(s) of your choice. You could even send us a design concept for your mothers ring in the form of an image of sketch by email. We will be glad to custom make the jewel for you and will provide details and price estimates to enable you make the right decision. You can always email our experts at to seek advice and clarifications but, will never be obliged to purchase anything from us. Just make sure that your comparison and evaluation process, considers all features and is not based just on external appearance and price.


Top 10 Recommendations

mothers ring silver or gold A vintage style for this gold or 925 silver mothers gemstone ring. The ring has 3 gemstones, the center oval gem is an 8x6mm oval gemstone. You could choose the birthstone of your mother here, refer to the birthstone charts shown above. However, if you need a mothers ring with an April birthstone, the price of the 8x6mm diamond would be just too high for most budgets. You could in that case, review other concept ideas for your gold or 925 silver mothers birthstone ring. Keep in mind that, every single feature can be customized to suit your budget and preference. Still on the April birthstone requirement for a diamond, you could request for a 3mm or 4mm round center diamond with a bezel setting. The pear shaped gems on the sides generally have a size of 7x5mm. With a 3mm to 4mm round center diamond, the side gems would appear be better proportioned if you restricted their size to 6x4mm. The options are really endless since, we provide complete customization for all jewelry. Most jewelry buyers are unwilling to compromise when it comes to mothers rings. This is precisely what makes custom rings perfect for such an ocassion. Read complete details for the RG150 mothers ring here.

3 stone mothers ring The three stone ring concept can be innovatively used to add meaning to a mothers ring. Your three stone mothers ring can have, the gemstone of your mother in the center. The birthstones of the father and child, or the birthstones of two children could be set in the ring too. Once again take complete advantage of the customizable features and you could, request for your mothers ring to have the same concept but include 4 or even 5 gems instead of three. While all Kaisilver rings are made with equal emphasis on appearance and durability, the RG220 ring has some fine built in features that enhance the toughness of the jewel. The three square gems in the ring are channel set in the band. While you could channel set round or even oval gemstones in a similar ring, the longer edge of rectangular gems make them ideally suited for the design concept. The flat edges get firmly entrenchd in the grooved metal and the skills of our expert gem setters ensures that, the gems remain firmly in place. With options for a gold or sterling silver ring, this is one ring that you should review. Check details for this gorgeous mothers gemstone ring here.

A great way to show your appreciation and gratitude to your loving mother. An oval center gemstone flanked by a glittering diamond on either side. The RG137 ring as shown in the image has a gorgeous oval emerald gem in the center, this happens to be the birthstone for the month of May. While the design structure for this gold or silver mothers ring might appear to be sleek and streamlined, a healthy metal weight ensures that the ring is sturdy enough for regular wear. The concept for this ring is very suitable for ladies who prefer to wear rings that are fairly open and not too, metal intensive. Mothers with thin and dainty fingers would also appreciate this fine design and structure. When you make a comparison of various ring options make sure that, evaluation of features like metal weight, gem quality and craftsmanship are also taken into consideraton. You could get a ring that externally appears quite similar to the RG137 but, has a metal weight that is half of what we provide for the jewel. While the righter ring might seem to a good buy at a cheaper price, the long term story will tell the difference. Light weight jewels can bend or go out of shape easily. Get to know more about this awesome ring here.

yellow gold mothers ring The RG229-y multi stone mothers ring is one of our hottest selling concepts for a mothers ring. This gorgeous ffive gemstone ring, can be ordered with gemstones of your choice. You could even request for the number of gemstones to be reduced to three or four instead of five. A classic design concept for a mothers ring that has birthstones of all family members. The same quality of worksmanship and gems are provided for the gold or 925 sterling silver ring. If you choose to have this mothers ring made with gold, you could choose a yellow, white or pink gold ring. When it comes to choosing gold karatage, 14k mothers ring are very popular. We however provide options for both 14k and 18k gold options for all custom jewelry. With five gems lined next to each other, the ideal gem size is 3mm (round). If you prefer to have just four gems, it would be fine to stay with 3mm gemstones. However if your mothers ring is to be custom made with just 3 gems, we would suggest that you go for round gems that have a size of 4mm. The gold and silver rings have good metal weight something that, adds to longerm durability and also makes the jewel more comfortable to wear. Full details can be reviewed here.

mothers ring with amethyst and diamond When it comes to mothers rings with gemstones, the cost of the gemstone needs to be worked into the price tag of the jewel. The gemstone for a gold or 925 silver mothers ring could be selected based on preference of color, gem type or even significance of the stone. The price per carat for most natural gemstones rises significantly as the gem size increases. Fortunately there still exist a few natural gemstones that remain affordable even when, the gem size crosses the 7mm size. So if the mothers ring that you need, has a gemstone that is in the moderately priced category, you could choose a design concept that can accomodate a gemstone of an impressive size. The RG171 amethyst and diamond ring is perfectly suited for mothers rings that a gem size of around 7-8mm. Since we custom make every mothers ring with design, dimensions, metal and gemstone of your choice, you could order this ring with a range of moderately priced gems like, red garnet, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, all shades of blue topaz, white topaz and even rhodolite garnet. If you are interested in this jewel for a mothers ring, read complete details for the ring here.

tanzanite diamond mothers ring This is one suggestion for a mothers ring that is surely beyond the ordinary - as special and unique as your dearest mother. As we tell you something about the gemstone in this gorgeous ring keep in mind that, you can order this marquise ring in gold or 925 sterling silver with the gemstone of your choice. Tanzanite is a rare gem, an exotic stone that has seen the dizzy heights of popularity in a very short time. Diamonds, are the hardest stone to be used in jewelry and represent true love - forever. Tanzanite is mined in just one location on earth, within a relatively short strip of land in Tanzania. It is rightly estimated, that it is easier to find a diamond than to find tanzanite. An ideal gem and diamond combination for a stunning mothers ring. It was quite recently, in the year 2002 that the gemstone was added as one of the options for the december birthstone. If your budget permits, choose a yellow or white tanzanite gemstone ring for your mother. And if you like the design structure of this gorgeous ring but, prefer to pick another gemstone - we have a wide range of gemstone options for you to choose from. You can read more about this tanzanite marquise ring and other options here.

emerald heart ring, mothers emerald ring A jewel that has more meaning and significance than most other jewels throughout history. The story behind the claddagh ring began about four centuries ago, it records a touching tale of love, sacrifice and loyalty. While the heart shape has always been a symbol of love and affection, the claddagh ring signifies love - not limited to matrimonial relationships. Gift a Kaisilver claddagh ring with the gemstone of your choice to your mother, it would surely be a mothers ring that comes straight from the heart. The good thing about gifting, receiving and wearing a ring with meaning is that, the meaning of the jewel does not depend on the price tag. A mothers claddagh ring in gold or sterling silver would have the same meaning. And our skilled craftsmen and gem experts will ensure that the same degree of care and attention is invested in crafting, the gold or silver ring. The claddagh ring with it's universal relevance to love and sacrifice is universal, it runs across genders, religions, nationalities and age. The Kaisilver claddagh ring is widely regarded as the world's best rendition of the jewel. See many more claddagh ring options, and read the touching claddagh story here.

mothers sapphire diamond ring An elaborare sapphire diamond ring, a natural floral theme. The RG224 is one of the best designed and crafted sapphire ring mothers ring that you will ever find. While the high price of gold and increasing costs of skilled craftsmen has prompted even, elite jewelers to compromise on quality, we have continued to maintain our high standards. Sapphire has been a gemstone that has been known for many centuries, both rubies and sapphires were for long worn only by the rich and powerful. While the social landscape has gone through a lot of change, the price of sapphires has moved up rapidly. Blue sapphires are even today worn in special ocassion jewels, and a mothers ring is always special. The birthstone charts, have always reserved the September birthstone slot for sapphires. You could order a gold or silver ring with the same concept and request for gems other than sapphire, rubies, pink sapphires, green tourmaline, pink tourmaline and even garnet and amethyst are some interesting gem options. Before you make a selection for your mothers ring, make sure that you have explored all information and options for this stunning sapphire diamond ring in gold or silver, read the report here.

antique style mothers gemstone ring While mothers have always remained kind hearted and generous, jewelers have almost stopped making such jewels. The RG133 is a substantial gold or 925 silver ring with four handpicked gemstones. This is an antique design concept, and those were the days when jewelers did not have to scrape out gold and silver to put an attractive price on their jewelry! The interesting thing about this multi stone mothers ring is that, the gem sizes and shapes can be picked by you. A perfect option for a mothers ring that is to hold the birthstones of all the loving members of the family. Since each mothers ring is carefully crafted by our skilled craftmen, you are limited by nothing. For an unconventional and unique look, request for the 4 gems in the ring to have a different shape and size. For example, if you wish to have blue topaz, green tourmaline, blue sapphire and citrine in the same ring - choose a 6mm round or 7x5mm oval for the green tourmaline and blue sapphire. And when it comes to the blue topaz and citrine, head for the larger 8x6mm or 9x7mm oval gem size. This allows you to customize the price point of your mothers ring, sapphire and tourmaline are considerably more expensive as compared to blue topaz and citrine. See more details for this awesome multi stone mothers ring here.

A fine and elegant mothers sapphire ring this time, with a gorgeous pink sapphire gemstone. Despite the popularity of sapphire rings, many jewelry lovers are not aware that sapphires are found in a range of colors and not just blue. You could make a choice for a gold or 925 silver mothers ring. The price of the yellow or white gold sapphire ring is surprisingly moderate, you can therefore make up your mind after reading the detailed report for the jewel. What you should know is that, the design structure and construction for this pink sapphire mothers ring, is supported with a healthy metal weight. You therefore need not worry about denting and deforming even if, you wear the ring very often. It is generally agreed that the September birthstone is represented by blue sapphire but, more liberate interpretations are made today. Like all other custom rings crafted by us, the gemstone for your mothers ring can be selected by you. The modest gem size and reasonable price point, make this a good choice for a ruby, sapphire, emerald or tanzanite mothers gemstone ring. Let us leave the choice of metal and gemstone to you, more information on this amazing ring is compiled here.


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