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Jewellery And Gem Stones Newsletter. Vol 002 Date 19 Oct 2003

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Main Topic : One Of The Most Frequently Asked Query We Receive Is To Explain The Difference Between Platinum Jewelry And White Gold Jewelry. Ofcourse, The Most Glaring Difference Is The Price. White Gold Is Much Cheaper Than Platinum. But There Are A Few Other Issues Involved. The Profit Margins On Platinum Rings And Other Platinum Jewelry Are Higher Than Those On White Gold, Jewelry Sellers Are Therefore More Keen To Push Platinum Jewelry On Buyers. Platinum Is White By Nature But White Gold Is Made By Adding Other Metals Into Yellow Gold To Create White Gold. Platinum As A Metal Is Very Durable And Heavier Than Gold. This Gives Platinum Rings And Platinum Jewelry That Solid And Sturdy Feel When Worn.

Platinum In It's Pure Form Is Relatively Soft. When Combined With Ruthenium It Becomes Strong And Malleable. Platinum Is Rarer Than Gold, Primarily Mined In Russia. It Is Getting To Be Rarer Every Year And Currently 10 Tonnes Of Ore Need To Be Processed To Get One Ounce Of Platinum. On The Other Hand For An Ounce Of Gold Processing Of Around 3 To 4 Tonnes Of Ore Would Be Sufficient. Gold Mines Outnumber Platinum Mines By A Large Margin Of 1 Is To 10. This Would Mean That For Every 10 Gold Mines You Would Find Only 1 Platinum Mine.

Platinum Wedding Rings Or Platinum Wedding Bands Are Very Popular Among Those Who Can Afford Them. However Platinum Has Some Distinct Disadvantages Over White Gold. Here Are The Rarely Revealed Facts. (1) Often, Platinum Rings And Other Platinum Jewellery Lose Their New Look Much Faster Than Gold Jewelry Would. (2) Fewer Jewellers Handle Platinum As Compared To White Or Yellow Gold. This Drives The Price High Too. So With Platinum Jewelry Losing It's New Look Quite Soon, You Would Be Faced With The Problem Of Paying Higher Repair Or Service Charges, Since Not Many Jewellers Actually Manufacture Platinum Jewelry. (3) Lastly, Due To The Much Higher Price Of Platinum, Rings And Other Jewelry Made From Platinum Contain Fairly Low Quantity Of Platinum Metal. This Proves To Be A Problem When Your Platinum Ring Needs Re-sizing Or Other Minor Modifications.

All Said And Done, White Gold Rings Would Be A Better Choice. Most Jewellers Will Be Able To Handle Gold, Your Choice Of Jewellers Thus Widens And Service Charges Are Kept Within Limits By Competition Among Jewellers. With Gold Being Cheaper Than Platinum You Will Have A Bigger Slice Of Your Budget Left For Better Quality Gemstones And Diamonds When You Order Jewelry.

The New Product Corner: In This Issue We Introduce 12 Unique And Unusual Rings. These Rings Can Be Custom Made In Gold Or Silver With Gemstones Of Your Choice. With So Much Of Similar Jewelry In The Market, Jewelry Buyers Suddenly Feel Limited And Literally Suffocated By The Narrow Choices And Lack Of Variety. At Kaisilver We Decided To Go Off The Beaten Track And Came Up With This Scintillating Collection, Call It A Vintage Collection Or A Mothers Day Collection Or Just Refer To It As The Big Rings Collection. No Matter What You Call It, There Is Sure To Be Something To Interest Everyone. You Can Custom Order All The Jewelry On The Website Including These As Gold Or Silver Rings With Gemstones Of Your Choice. We Can Even Modify The Designs By Reducing Or Increasing The Overall Design Size Of The Rings. The Kaisilver Name Ensures High End Craftsmanship For All Jewellery And Gemstones.

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