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Jewelry And Gemstones Information Newsletter Vol 004 Date 01 Dec 2003

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Online Security Tips And More

Main Topic : Holidays Are About Shopping, It Is Expected That Online Purchases Would Increase By Around 22% To 27% Based On Last Years Figures. This Is Great News For Sellers But Make Sure That You Are Safe Online. Internet Security Has Improved A Lot In The Last 12 Months, This Is Reflected In The Confidence Shown By Online Buyers. But It Is Advisable To Take Special Precautions And This Is Not Too Difficult, Not With Our Special Section On Advice And Suggestions At Least. Send This Newsletter To Everyone You Know And You Would Be Doing Your Part In Making This Christmas Merrier, Happier And Safer Than Ever Before. Click Here For Suggestions On Online Security This Holiday Season Don't Leave Home Without Reading These Tips. The Simplest Of Precautions Can Keep You Safe And Secure Over The Internet.

Special Feature
14K Gold Or 18K Gold It's Not Just The Price: 18K Gold Is Obviously More Expensive As Compared To 14k Gold. That Is One Of The Main Reasons Why Sellers Religiously Push 18K Jewelry. 18K Gold Is Also Much Softer Than 14K Gold And Therefore Easier To Handle And Mould. But It's Not Just A Matter Of Price, There Are Times When 14K Gold Is A Better Choice Even If Your Budget Is Big Enough To Buy 18K Gold Jewelry. Make Sure That You Make The Right Choice And Know The Facts. Click For The Full Report On Gold Choice Kaisilver Provides Clear And Frank Suggestions To Help You Make Your Own Decision. Your Jeweller's Advice May Be More Inclined Towards His Profit Margin So Arm Yourself With These Useful Tips. This Is Another Classic Case Where You Need To Value The Jeweller Before You Value The Jewelry.

The New Product Corner: First, A Stunning Pair Of Aquamarine White Gold Earrings Great Design That Not Only Looks Gorgeous But Also Ensures That Your Favourite Earrings Last Long And Stay In Shape. As Usual Custom Made With Gems And Gold Of Your Choice. With Literally Thousands Of Earrings Available On The Net, Why Do We Devote An Entire Section To Explain The Features Of These Earrings? Click The Image To Find Out. Next Is A Great Antique Style Gold Ring, Multiple Gemstones Handpicked And Custom Cut And High End Craftsmanship Make This Ring A True Winner. Once Again Intense Attention Paid To The Design And Structure Of This Ring. Custom Made With Gemstones Of Your Choice This Ring Is An Ideal Choice For A Family Birthstone Ring And What Exactly Does This Mean? A Family Birthstone Ring Can Be Custom Made With All The Birsthstones Of All The Family Members In One Single Ring. All The Members Could Then Wear A Similar Ring And Create The Warmth And Togetherness That Was Meant To Be. This Feeling Crosses Geographical Boundries And Distances, So No Matter How Far Apart Your Family Lives Get This Family Birthstone Ring And Feel The Sheer Warmth That Only A Family Can Provide. And Last But No The Least Is A Fantastic Gold Or Silver Ring For Men, Kaisilver Creates The Ultimate Designer Ring Handfinished To Perfection By Some Of The Best Jewelry Craftsmen In The World. Choose Your Gemstone And Gold Or Sterling Silver. A Perfect Rugged Ring That Can Be Made To Suit Any Occassion. Good Gold Weight And Construction That Protects Your Gemstone. We Prove That Mens Rings Need Not Be Boring With Shoddy Craftsmanship. A Very Neat And Tidy Ring Carefully Designed And Crafted But Masculine In Every Way. Buy It For Yourself Or Gift It To Someone You Love. High End Craftsmanship In Both Gold And Sterling Silver Versions.

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Gold Aquamarine Gemstone Earring Ancient Style Gold Ring Mens Citrine Gold Or Silver Ring

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In The Next Issue: White Gold Or Yellow Gold, The Choice Depends On The Color Of The Gemstones You Choose Too. Advice On Which Gemstone Colors Look Good For White Or Yellow Gold. The Beauty Of The Gems In Your Jewelry Could Be Ruined By Selecting The Wrong Gold Color. Don't Take A Chance Read The Next Issue Of Our Jewellery Newsletter For Details.

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