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Jewellry And Gem Stone Information Newsletter Vol 006 Date 07 Apr 2004

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Colored Gold Information

What Is Purple Gold, Blue Gold And Black Coloured Gold

Main Topic : Few are aware that there are some very attractive colors of gold available besides the regular white and yellow gold. Purple, Black and Blue are some of the exotic gold colors that come to mind. Using production techniques like intermixing metals or creating a colored layer on normal carat gold, jewellery is today available in many tantalising colours. But do you know that these colored gold creations are not very strong, they will also get patchy and scarred with abrasions and impact. Click Here For The Full Report On Coloured Gold Many of the gold coloring techniques are patented and therefore unknown to even seasoned jewellers, this is the reason why repairing or modifying your coloured gold jewels may not be an easy task. Know the facts before you spend your money on fancy colored gold jewelry.

A Bit Of Information On Green Jade

We have received numerous queries recently asking us what exactly is Green Jade. Here is a small note about green jade. This gemstone is available in colors that range from very light green to darker shades of green. In some cases it could appear to be a bit patchy with light and dark green colors. There is another more expensive type of green jade that is a very (even colored) green. This is Jadeite and is far more expensive as compared to the ordinary type of green jade. The most common type of jade is Nephrite. According to gemstone terminology both Jadeite and Nephrite are classified as Green Jade. There is another green gemstone that closely resembles the color of good green jade and this gemstone is found in Australia. This gemstone is infact Chrysoprase and is not classified as green jade. Many traders sell Chrysoprase calling it Australian jade. However keep in mind that Chrysoprase is not Jade. Australian Chrysoprase is a gorgeous gemstone in it's own right. In our next newsletter we will be covering more detailed information regarding the Green Chrysoprase gemstone from Australia.

The New Product Corner: First, a sturdy and smart male gold ring. This gold ring with a gold weight of over 20 grams can be made with gemstones of your choice. Also choose 14K or 18K Yellow or White gold. The ring shown here has a Blue Sapphire in the center and is surrounded by Rubies and White Sapphires. A true high end classic male gemstone ring. Broad, handsome and sturdy to suit the active lifestyle of todays men.

The Second Item Is A gorgeous Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring. A simple and stylish design. The gold is enough to keep the gemstones and diamonds firmly mounted. The center Ruby and the side Diamonds are allowed to take center stage, while the gold mounting remains strong and sturdy in the background. True luxury for your finger from some of the world's finest designers at Kaisilver.

The Final Item in this newsletter is not about jewellery at all. This is a new offering from Kaisilver. Custom made traditional Benjarong Ceramics from Thailand. You choose the size and shape then select the design. But the best part is the facility to select your own personal message. Our skilled artists then hand make and hand paint the finest Thai Bencharong ever to be made. This would make an exclusive and unique Mothers Day Gift. You can infact buy these for yourself or gift them for any occassion.

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Ruby and sapphire gold ring Engagement ruby diamond ring, gold Personalised ceramic pottery

The Jewelry Shown Above And All The Jewelry On Our Website Are Custom Made In 14K Or 18K Yellow Or White Gold Or Sterling Silver. You Can Select The Gemstones Of Your Choice. Both Silver And Gold Jewelry Have High End Craftsmanship And In The Final Phase Of Production Are Hand Finished To Perfection By Some Of The Best Craftsmen In The World.

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In The Next Issue: A complete report on the Australian Chrysoprase gemstone. A gemstone often sold as Australian Jade is not really jade at all. However this exquisite green gemstone is suitable for both male and female gold rings and other jewelry. Read all about it in the next issue of our newsletter. Don't Miss The Next Issue.

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