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Jewelry Newsletter Vol 008 Date 09 August 2004

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All About Tanzanite Gemstones
What Is Diffused Star Sapphire?
Multi Gemstone Rings
Top 18 Male Ring Designs
Tanzanite And Emerald Claddagh Ring
A Spectacular Buyer Testimonial

Main Topic : The Tanzanite gemstone has been a fairly recent discovery, and has hypnotized jewelry lovers with it's blue and purple color. Mined prominently in Tanzania, the gemstone was given this name because of the country of it's origin. The colors of the Tanzanite gemstone can range from blue to purple, the price of the gemstone depends on it's size. Click Here For Complete Information On The Tanzanite Gem Stone Rough Tanzanite is brownish in color, the blue and purple colors are brought about by heat treatment for color enhancement. There are certain special precautions to be taken when wearing, handling and cleaning Tanzanite gemstone jewelry. Make sure that you read our section on Tanzanite gemstones.

What Is Diffused Star Sapphire

In the last 6 months we have received over 75 queries related to diffused sapphires and diffused star sapphires. How is diffusion done on sapphires and are the sapphires genuine. We will cover the issues involved right here and you can see an example of a diffused star sapphire ring in the new products section of this issue of our online jewelry news magazine.

Diffusion is a type of treatment applied to genuine sapphire. The method of diffusion enhances the color or star effect of a sapphire gemstone by forming a layer on the gemstone. This layer extends to around 1mm into the gemstone. This process creates good colored sapphires at a moderate price.

Is the diffused effect permanent? The answer would be yes, but there is an important aspect to be noted. The diffusion effect on sapphires extends to only around 1mm into the gemstone and this means that the diffused sapphire cannot be re-cut or polished. This is not a problem in most cases as consumers very rarely re-cut or repolish gemstones.

Are diffused sapphires less hard? This is not true, the diffusion process does not reduce the hardness of diffused sapphires. The hardness of sapphires is next only to diamonds. Diamonds are 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness and sapphires are 9. It is because of this hardness that sapphires do not scratch easily. This is what makes re-polishing of sapphires a very rare requirement.

Spectacular Buyer Testimonial (Important)

You have a complicated custom jewelry requirement. The jewelry is required in time for a very important occassion. Because of the design and the craftsmanship involved, the price tag on this unique jewel isn't exactly cheap. Would you trust an online jeweller?

What if the online jeweller in a far off country took your money and played the disappearing trick? What if you got a whole lot of junk instead of the jewel of your dreams? Would all your queries and doubts be professionally handled?

Read about the thoughts, doubts and final joy that this buyer experienced when he ordered a fine pair of unique jewels from kaisilver. The thoughts expressed by this buyer confirm our often repeated statement that we are on your side. Click To Read The Complete Buyer Testimonial

There is a very old saying about jewelry ... value the jeweller before you value the jewelry...... and it is true up to this day. This is exactly what this buyer did and his experience is one of the main reasons why Kaisilver is today regarded as the world's leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry.

18 Terrific Men's Rings

Since early January 2004 Kaisilver has been deeply involved in the project to develop high end men's rings. We set up a few parameters that these men's rings should cover and these parameters were decided after conducting intensive research on the lifestyles and habits of modern men. Strength and durability were the key ingredients in every design. Good gold weight was needed to achieve this and firm gemstone mounting was to be ensured for every design.

Our designers and craftsmen unleashed a long chain of successes as design after design fascinated male jewelry buyers. For once, men could have good sturdy jewelry without compromising on craftsmanship. Like always, virtually unlimited range of gemstone options was provided. Today over 150 awesome Kaisilver men's ring adorn the fingers of successful men in almost every occupation you could imagine.

We today present the 18 best men's ring designs and let you be the judge. Tell us what you think. With gold weight that is around 50% to 70% more than what other sellers offer, we have compromised on nothing and remain the best value for your money. Click To View These Terrific Men's Rings

Multi Gemstone Rings

It is widely known that jewelry lovers often choose to combine gemstones in a single ring. You could for example, combine blue topaz and amethyst in the same ring. These kinds of rings are referred to as multi gemstone rings. Gemstones are combined in rings to look attractive and add to the beauty of multi gemstone rings.

Another important reason for combining gemstones in multi gemstone rings, has got more to do with beliefs and traditions rather than style and beauty. There is a popular concept of family gemstone rings that include, birthstones of more than one family member in the same ring. Wedding rings are also often designed to include the birthstones of the bride and bridegroom.

All the jewelry at Kaisilver is custom made and you can choose to have all rings made with more than one gemstone. The choice is yours, our designers and craftsmen are always available to guide and advise you on all issues concerning gemstones and jewelry. Click To View Some Multi Colored Gemstone Rings

Few Of Our Latest Products

The New Product Corner: In this issue of our jewelry magazine we feature a gorgeous multi gemstone ring. At the first glance this ring appears to be simple and common, but learn about it's features and the difference becomes clear. The good gold weight and ring thickness provide you with a multi-gemstone ring that is stylish, sturdy and durable. The gemstones are mounted firmly into the gold and will not drop out or loosen at the slightest impact. The gems in this multi gem stone ring can be chosen by you and are set flush with the gold. Since they do not protrude out, scratches and cracks are unlikely to occur. Click To View This Classic Multi Gemstones Ring

A majestic 100 carat blue topaz gemstone is next. This huge London Blue Topaz gemstone is awesome and will make a spectacular pendant that is fit for a princess. If you click through this image you will see two of the world's best pieces of genuine London Blue Topaz gemstones, one is oval in shape and the other is rectangular. These large London Blue Topaz gems are a collector's dream and each weighs over 100 carats. The gems are clear and clean and excellent cut. These big London Blue Topaz gemstones are genuine and not lab created. The price is affordable, have a good look at these even if you do not intend to purchase them. Click To View These Huge London Blue Topaz Gemstones

The third jewel that we introduce here is a stupendous two tone male ring. This is a perfect example of how style and craftsmanship need not be sacrificed when designing men's rings. Working closely with the needs of a buyer our designers and craftsmen have created the ultimate luxury in men's jewelry. The good gold weight, classic shape and flawless gemstone have together resulted in the buyer being stunned by this men's designer ring. Click To View This Classic Male Designer Ring

Click The Images For More Information And Pricing.
Yellow gold ring Topaz gemstone blue Deigner ring for male

The Jewelry Shown Above And All The Jewelry On Our Website Are Custom Made In 14K Or 18K Yellow Or White Gold Or Sterling Silver. You Can Select The Gemstones Of Your Choice. Both Silver And Gold Jewelry Have High End Craftsmanship And In The Final Phase Of Production Are Hand Finished To Perfection By Some Of The Best Craftsmen In The World.

Read Back Issues Of Our Newsletters: Browse Through All Our Newsletters And See If Something Interests You. The Information On Our Newsletters Is Especially Useful For Jewelry Consumers Who Do Not Have Professional Knowledge Of Gemstones And Jewelry. Click For A List Of All Our Newsletter Archives.

In The Next Issue: Wedding rings, how to order them, should you choose a white gold or yellow gold wedding ring. Are diamonds a must for wedding rings? Are silver wedding rings popular? The next issue of our online jewelry magazine is all about wedding and engagement rings. Don't Miss The Next Issue.

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