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Jewelry Newsletter Vol 009 Date 24 November 2004

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The Elegance Of The Kunzite Gemstone
Are Pink Topaz Gemstones Genuine?
2004 Custom Designed Jewelry Collection
Should Men Wear White Gold Rings
The Ultimate Source For Claddagh Rings

We were on our way to completing a section on wedding rings, when the customer service staff brought in a whole lot of emails from Kaisilver buyers. Most buyers needed urgent information about jewelry to be bought for Christmas. After 48 hours of reading and analysing these emails, we classifed the queries into few groups. This newsletter addresses the issues in those groups. Our special section on wedding rings will appear in the next issue of our newsletter.

Main Topic : The Kunzite gemstone is not a very common gemstone. However the quiet elegance of this pink gemstone has hypnotized those who have seen the gemstone. Several jewelry houses have recently started to make and sell Kunzite jewelry. The gemstone looks gorgeous and sales have been brisk. We have just introduced our first Kunzite ring after ensuring that, clear and complete information of the gemstone is revealed to intending buyers. Other jewellers have preferred not to disclose complete details of the gemstone and this has resulted in confusion and anger among jewelry buyers. Several buyers have complained of color fading of Kunzite. We have received 15 requests in the past 15 days to help clear this information gaps. Kaisilver is always on the side of the buyer and has compiled the complete report on this gemstone. Click For The Complete Kunzite Gemstone Report Does genuine Kunzite really fade in color? Is Kunzite a birthstone? Is 'Hiddenite' the same as Kunzite? How did the Kunzite gemstone get it's name? Answers to all these questions and more in our exclusive report.

What Is Pink Topaz?

This has been another common query in recent weeks. Readers of our newsletter wanted to know if those 'pink topaz' silver rings now growing popular are infact genuine pink topaz. Read this section completely and you will have most of your queries relating to Pink Topaz answered.

Genuine Pink Topaz is found in certain areas where the topaz gemstone is mined. However those huge 3 and 4 carat 'pink topaz' gems that are set in cheap priced silver rings are not genuine pink topaz. These gems are at best, topaz gemstones but not pink topaz.

Genuine Pink Topaz Not Very Common : There are not many sources for genuine pink topaz to be mined. Also, good quality clear pieces of pink topaz in sizes that exceed 3 carats a piece are even more rare. Pink topaz that is genuine and with a good color and clarity could be priced upto 30 U.S$ per carat in sizes that are around 4 carats to 5 carats a piece. The huge 'pink topaz' gems that are used to make cheap silver rings therefore cannot be genuine pink topaz.

How Is The Cheap 'Pink Topaz' Made : Cheaper quality of 'pink topaz' that is sold is infact white topaz that is treated for a pink color. This color treatment extends to only the surface of the topaz gemstone. What this means is that these treated 'pink topaz' gems cannot be polished or re-cut. The polishing or re-cutting of such treated gems would affect the surface of the gemstone and thereby remove the pink color on the surface.

We have still to come across a seller selling these cheap treated 'pink topaz' gemstones, provide a clear and complete description of these 'pink topaz' gems. At Kaisilver we believe in providing all information and assistance to, help the buyer make a well informed decision.

The Best Custom Designed Jewelry 2004 Collections (Important)

The year 2004 has been a tremendous one for us and it is all because of you. The mind boggling range and depth of our custom designed jewelry has soared to new heights. Very often buyers came to us with designs that were either rejected or ruined by many other jewellers. Our team of designers drawn from 5 nations, worked with buyers spread all over the globe and created some of the finest custom designed jewelry ever made. They were ofcourse backed by some of the finest craftsmen and artisans. Over 3,500 such craftsmen work on Kaisilver orders.

Click The Images For More Information And Pricing.
Custom designed jewelry, Claddagh Opal Ring Jewelry custom designed, garnet marquise pendant Custom designed male jewelry

Quality concious buyers appreciated the well researched Kaisilver designs and also the high end craftsmanship and handfinishing that we provide. We have summarized the best Kaisilver creations of 2004 for you. This is a section that you must see, as it has something to interest everyone. Click For The Exclusive Selection Of Custom Jewelry

For the new year we will have a few additions to our range of custom designed jewelry. We will devote a complete section to male wedding rings. Good male wedding rings are not easy to find and numerous requests for these rings have been analysed by our designers. These findings will form the inputs for our new section. An exclusive collection of Kaisilver wedding rings for the ladies will also be showcased in the year 2005.

Should Men Wear White Gold Rings?

Kaisilver has been the world's first provider of high end male rings. This is a fact that has been re-established in the year 2004. However, we were taken aback at the number of males who liked white gold rings but were hesitant to wear white gold jewelry. Our designers worked closely with these buyers and tried to understands the reasons for this behaviour.

Most of the men believed that white gold rings would look delicate and dainty. After professional opinions from our designers and craftsmen, this notion has largely been laid to rest. More men today select white gold for their rings as compared to a few months back. The issue of white gold rings looking dainty does not really depend on the gold color. The design of the ring, the gemstones selected and also the weight and size of the ring play a major role.

In this issue of our custom designed jewelry newsletter, we present a small collection of this year's top selling male ring designs for white gold rings. The rings shown can be ordered with all gemstone options and are also available in yellow gold if, that is what you prefer. Click To View These White Gold Men's Rings Like always, all design modifications are possible and you can even send images of your favourite designs for us to custom make.

The Ultimate Source For Claddagh Rings

For the years 2003 and 2004, there is one ring from Kaisilver that has grown popular in many countries. This is the Irish Claddagh ring, the best rendition of which is created at Kaisilver. It is only appropriate that we make a whole new jewelry segment on this meaningful and gorgeous ring. The ring has a rich cultural past that dates back to 300 years. Each Kaisilver claddagh ring is worked on by some of the best craftsmen in the world. We have done a complete research of the meaning and significance of the Claddagh ring. The details on our Claddagh ring are amazing and all gemstone options are available.

We have given this ring the due importance that it deserves and created a complete website dedicated to this Irish ring. This is the most authentic and comprehensive website and covers every aspect of this ring. You will find information regarding the history and significance of this ring. A detailed report on how to wear this ring has also been included. Click Here For The Claddagh Rings Website You can order these Irish Claddagh rings with gemstones of your choice. The option of white gold and yellow gold is also provided.

Compiling Our Custom Designed Jewelry Collections

The Index Of Sections On Our Website
Throughout the year 2004, we have received requests from buyers to provide access to an exhaustive list of sections within our website. Buyers complained that the first page on the Kaisilver website did not have clear links to access various popular sections within the website. This is true to a certain extent as, we expect buyers to gradually see the entire site without rushing them into a buying decision.

We have now provided a separate page that clearly mentions all major sections within our website. Click Here For A Text Index Of Jewelry Collections On Our Website We will keep updating this page with more custom designed jewelry in the future. Have a good look at this page and keep checking regularly for new updates.

Read Back Issues Of Our Newsletters: Browse Through All Our Newsletters And See If Something Interests You. The Information On Our Newsletters Is Especially Useful For Jewelry Consumers Who Do Not Have Professional Knowledge Of Gemstones And Jewelry. Click For A List Of All Our Newsletter Archives.

In The Next Issue: The section on wedding rings will now feature in our next issue, so stay tuned. Wedding rings, how to order them, should you choose a white gold or yellow gold wedding ring. Are diamonds a must for wedding rings? Are silver wedding rings popular? The next issue of our online jewelry magazine is all about wedding and engagement rings. Don't Miss The Next Issue.

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