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Vol: 010    Date: 12 Mar 2005

www.kaisilver.com   is the world's leading online provider of high end custom made jewelry. We are directly networked to all major gemstone and jewelry producers in Thailand. All jewelry is custom made with high end craftsmanship in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can even send in images of your favourite designs for us to custom make.  

Contents Of This Issue

Silver Tarnish: Silver has a large and loyal following among jewelry lovers. However there is one aspect of silver that is discussed very often and that is silver tarnish. The process is natural and occurs with all items made from silver and not just for silver jewelry. Over the years, jewellers have tried numerous options in an attempt to stop silver from tarnishing. These methods have met with varying degrees of success but have never been able to completely eliminate the process of tarnishing on silver. What is silver tarnish? Can it be eliminated? Can the tarnish process be slowed down? What are the options to remove silver tarnish? How can tarnished silver jewelry be made to look good? Read one of the most exhaustive reports ever compiled on this topic. Click Here   for the complete report on silver tarnish, the causes, remedies, misconceptions and ways to slow down the tarnishing process in silver jewelry.

Safe Online Payments: We had covered a similar issue in our jewelry newsletter a few months back. But if you think that this is a repeat, then you are mistaken because, the bad guys have grown smarter and you need to keep pace with the happenings. Online buying offers you a spectacular range of merchandise combined with an ease of buying and instant online payment options. Equipped with a few simple precautions and being aware of the dangers can, help you harvest all the benefits of online buying and improve your overall buying experience. This is a balanced report and touches the main issues that affect online buyers and sellers, don't miss this section because reports as clear and comprehensive as this are hard to find. Click Here   for a list of tricks and frauds that you should be aware of. You could be purchasing merchandise online, checking your bank balance or even just paying an electricity bill, this information is surely for you.

The New Product Section:

[CLICK IMAGE] For Details Of, Garnet ring for gents Click The Image For Details
The year 2004 has been a year when almost 2,000 men across 8 nations proudly chose and wore a Kaisilver men's ring. The number of emails that we received from men, requesting advise and suggestions on choosing designs and gemstone colors has trippled in the last few months. Red garnets, which were practically unheard of in men's rings have become very popular. The deep red garnets handpicked by Kaisilver are perfectly suited for both male and female jewelry.

[CLICK IMAGE] For Details Of, Diamond band for men Click The Image For Details
Ever since we started our online sales 4 years ago, buyers kept asking about diamond band rings. We were keen on starting this range of rings only when we had secured access to reliable and good diamond suppliers. The high quality standards maintained by us and the equally high expectations that jewelry buyers place on Kaisilver jewelry has spurred us into seeking an increasing level of quality. Today we release our first high end custom made band ring with diamonds. This is suitable for a male or female ring and can also be made as a wedding or engagement ring pair.

[CLICK IMAGE] For Details Of, Engagement emerald ring Click The Image For Details
The number of emerald rings that we are currently selling keeps increasing each week. This is completely against market trends where emerald jewelry sales have been stagnating. The reason is simple, buyers are fed up with poor quality emerald gem stones being pushed into the market with inflated price tags. Another issue that keeps buyers away from emerald gemstones is the starved and skinny pieces of information that sellers reveal to them. At Kaisilver we have resolved both issues, by networking directly with the world's largest miners and producers of both rough and finished emerald gemstones, we provide you with options that you will never find elsewhere. In a continuing effort to guide buyers into making well informed decisions, we have put together a complete section on the features, characteristics and nature of emeralds. Useful tips on looking after emerald gemstone jewelry have also been provided.

Archives Of Our Newsletters

The Kaisilver jewelry and gemstone newsletter is one of the most respected newsletters. All information is provided in simple terms and we always try to be as non-technical as possible. At Kaisilver we keep sales talk to the minimum and believe in providing buyers with reliable and straight forward information. The idea is to guide buyers into making the right buying decision based on well informed ideas and evaluation of options. Our newsletters bring you frank advice that is kept a secret by most sellers. Click Here to access the complete archives of our newsletter with informative and useful content. Our clear and honest information at times leads buyers to change their mind and not go ahead with an order, but we are satisfied at just having ensured that you made a well informed decision.

About Our Jewelry

All kaisilver jewelry is completely custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. Each piece is individually worked on by expert craftsmen and hand finished to perfection. We do not indulge in gimmicks like close outs and blow outs where, low grade merchandise is peddled in big department stores and TV channels using high pitched sales campaigns. All jewelry can be made with gemstones of your choice and all design modifications are possible. You can even provide us with images of your favourite designs for us to custom make. Click Here for a more detailed profile of Kaisilver service and merchandise.

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