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Suggestions For Better Online Security
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Going Online The Safer Way

While People Are Taking To The Online World In Larger Numbers Than Ever Before, Online Security Has Become A Major Issue. But Very Often Simple Precautions Could Make Your Online Activity Safer. Follow These Measures Especially When You Are Using Computers Outside Your Home. The Airport, The Hotel, The Internet Cafe Round The Corner Could All Be Dangerous And Should Be Used With Special Care.

Do Not Set An All Pervasive Password
User Names And Passwords Are Sometimes A Pain To Remember, So Many Users Set One Set Of User Names And Passwords For Their Emails, Online Banking, Credit Card Access And More. This Is A Major Mistake Anyone Getting Access To Your Email User Name And Password Would Then Be Able To Empty Your Bank Account And Also Flaunt Your Credit Card. Come Up With User Names And Passwords That Would Be Easier To Remember Just For You, Like The Street Name On Which Your Bank Is Located, Or The Name Of The Shop That Is Exactly Opposite The Bank etc. The Effort By Software Giants Like Microsoft To Have One Net Login For All Access Is One Of The Biggest Mistakes In Recent Times. Get Smarter And Protect Yourself.

Have A Temporary Email Address
This Is Another Useful Tip, Create A Temporary Email Address For Use When You Are Outside. You Can Easily Set Up Your Regular Email To Forward Emails To This Email Address. A Free Email Address Could Be Used For This. If Possible Change The Password For This Temporary Email Address Ever Day As Long As You Are Outside Home. Form A Scheme To Change Passwords And Remembering Them Would Not Be A Huge Task. You Could For Example Tag The Date To The Password Or Something On These Lines.

Do Not Click On Email Links
This Applies To Your Home Computer As Well As Computers That You May Use Outside. There Are Scams That Ask You To Update Your Financial Accounts By Clicking On A Link Within An Email. The Common Way Is To Ask For An Update To Your Paypal Or Bank Account By Clicking A Link. This Link Takes You To A Fake Secure Page And All Your Confidential Information Gets Transmitted To Conmen Waiting To Receive It. Do Not Fall For This, Firstly Never Enter Your Bank Account, Credit Card Account Or Paypal Account From A Computer Outside Your Home. Secondly, Even At Home Always Enter The Full URL Each Time You Access These Accounts. Do Not Click URLs That Come As Links In Emails To Access Your Financial Accounts.

Avoid Taking Printouts
When Using An Outside Computer Avoid Taking Print Outs Of Confidential Data. This Would Include Bank Account Details, Credit Card Statements Or Paypal Account History. It Is Quite Possible That You Might Forget To Pick All Copies Of These Important Printouts. Do Not Throw Such Papers Into The Trash Basket Without Tearing Them Up Into Small Pieces. The Same Applies To Photocopies That You Might Take From Public Places Of Any Sensitive Documents.

Logout Each Time That You Login
Do Not Forget To Logout Of Your Email Or Other Accounts Once You Have Logged. This Is A Good Habit That Should Be Followed Both At Home And Outside. It Is Always Good Not To Access Your Financial Accounts From Outside Computers, But If You Must Do So Do Not Forget To Logout From Your Account. We Have Another Tip Here And That Is To Deliberately Log In With A Wrong Username And Password After You Logout. This Would Bring Up An Error Screen And Wipe Out The Last Entered Username And Password To A Certain Extent.

Keep Phone Numbers Handy
Should Something Appear To Be Wrong With Your Credit Card Or If You Have Reason To Doubt That Your Credit Card Is Being Misused By An Unauthorized Person Call The Bank And Ask For A Stop On The Credit Card. This Would Limit Your Liabilty To A Certain Extent. In Most Cases All It Takes Is A Phone Call To The Credit Card Company So Keep The Phone Numbers Handy.

Going Online Can Be Fun And Rewarding. The Choice Of Merchandise Available Online Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate. Convenience Is An Obvious Advantage Of Shopping Online, However Use Common Sense And Take A Few Precautions To Get The Benefits Of The Internet.

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