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Pay Pal Account, A Complete Report

Pay Pal Scams And Pay Pal Email Frauds

What Is Pay Pal?
Pay pal is the name of an online payment system. Starting as a simple person to person payment processor, Pay pal has today grown to be one of the most widely used payment methods on small and medium size websites. This mode of payment uses email addresses to send or receive money, the email addresses are connected to pay pal accounts. Pay pal is also accepted as a payment method on Ebay which is currently the world's largest online auction website. Once you open a pay pal account you can fund your account using a valid credit card or make a bank transfer into your pay pal account from certain countries. Money can be sent from one pay pal account holder to another by referring to the email address of the receiver. Opening a pay pal account is free and there are no fixed monthly charges to be paid. When a payment is made through Pay pal, the receiver pays a fee and this is deducted from the amount transferred, the net amount is credited into the pay pal account of the receiver.

Who Can Register For A Pay Pal Account?
A pay pal account can be opened and operated from a number of countries. However, there are certain restrictions that apply to pay pal accounts that are operated from certain countries. For example, a pay pal account cannot be connected to a bank account in countries like India (as of Nov 2005). In countries like Thailand, (as of Nov 2005) you are not allowed to withdraw funds from your pay pal account and the balance available can only be used to pay for products or services or transfer to another pay pal account. A pay pal account opened from any country can be connected to a U.S bank account and this allows pay pal funds to be withdrawn.

In order to make the pay pal online payment system safer, pay pal requests certain documents and other information to validate genuine pay pal accounts. A pay pal account with such validations made is referred to as a 'verified' pay pal account and provides a higher degree of confidence to buyers or sellers dealing with a verified pay pal account holder. Registration of a pay pal account is free and you need to pay charges or commission only when money is actually received by you into your pay pal account.

What Are The Latest Pay Pal Frauds?
Pay pal frauds in this context relate to the cases where, certain people with bad intentions try to break into a pay pal account with the objective of using or robbing the funds that exist in the pay pal account. There are two vital pieces of information that enable you to login to your pay pal account. One is the main email address that is linked to your pay pal account and the other is the password that is to be used along with this email address. The main aim of fraudsters is to get these two important pieces of information from genuine pay pal account holders. This allows them to access your pay pal account and operate the account as if it belonged to them. This in computer jargon is referred to as 'phishing' and is a form of identity theft.

Pay pal phishing is generally carried out by using pay pal email scams. The innocent pay pal user receives an email which looks very much like a genuine email from pay pal. The email explains of some information that needs to be updated by the pay pal user. The user is urged to click a link on the email and update the information in the user's pay pal account. Once clicked, the link leads to a page that closely resembles the pay pal account login page. The page requests details of email address and password to enable access to the pay pal account. Armed with this vital information, the fraudster can now access the victims paypal account and do what he pleases. Every pay pal email scam uses the same technic but the contents of the email may vary as every fraudster tries to make his email appear more convincing and genuine. We have compiled a list of the latest pay pal frauds and pay pal email frauds, you can read the complete report by clicking here

Tips For Using Pay Pal Safely
There are a few easy measures that you could follow to make the use of online payment methods like pay pal more safe. Some of these are commonsense while others are based on experience and procedures collected by the Kaisilver networking team.

(01) Choosing A Password: Ensure that the password that you use for your pay pal account is not easy to guess. Another mistake users often make is to use the same username and passwords for emails and other services like pay pal. You might open an email account for casual correspondence and thus not be very careful about protecting it's password. You could therefore be compromising on security if you used the same password for your pay pal account. It is not a good idea to repeat passwords no matter how easy that might make it for you to remember passwords.

(02) Check The Account: Login to your pay pal account and check the transactions at least once a week. This is all the more important if your pay pal account is connected to your bank account. If you notice any suspicious transactions contact Pay pal immediately and also change the password for your pay pal account. If you have a large balance in your pay pal account, it might be a good idea to transfer the balance to your bank account.

(03) Using A Public Computer: It is not safe to login to your paypal account when using a public or other shared computer. Malware programs (programs written with bad intentions) can record your login details and make them accessible to fraudsters. There is really no way that you can check and ensure if the shared computer you use is safe for doing confidential financial transactions. Office computers might be safer depending on the type of computer infrastructure that is available. Most offices install various security devices that are capable of keeping out such malware programs.

(04) Never Click An Email Link: If you have read the details above you would be aware of the pay pal email frauds and other pay pal scams that have sprung up in recent times. Pay pal email scams are used by fradusters to get the confidential login information of innocent pay pal users. Pay pal funds are then accessed by these fraudsters for their own use. The emails have an authentic look with pay pal logo etc and urge the victims to click a link to update their pay pal records, or to check specific transactions. If you ever receive one of these suspicious emails but are not sure if it is really a pay pal email scam, open your web browser and type the complete pay pal website name to access the web site. Use the login option on the website to login to your account.

(05) Change Passwords: It is a good idea to change your pay pal account password every two to three weeks. Do not write your password in any place that can be easily accessed or seen by others. If you really need to note the password, do not provide complete details of it being a pay pal account password etc in the note. Besides these regular changes, make it a point to change the password the moment you suspect that your pay pal account has been accessed by an unauthorised person. Do not use a password that is very easy to remember or guess, like your first or last name, your city or country etc.

(06) Separate Bank Account: If you have registered for a pay pal account from a country that pay pal accepts a direct link to your bank account, consider maintaining a separate bank account for this purpose. This might not be necessary if your pay pal transactions are very few and can be easily remembered, but for regular use a separate bank account for your pay pal transactions is worth maintaining. A separate bank account would contain transactions related only to your pay pal account and any suspicious entry would be easily noticed. It could also limit the financial loss if your pay pal account was by any chance accessed by fraudsters.

(07) Linking An Email Address: At the time of registering a pay pal account, the email address that you provide is one of the components used to subsequently login to your pay pal account. This email address along with your password provides a security check to ensure a valid login to your account. Choose an email address that you check regulalry and also one for which the password is known only to you. It is also a good idea not to use the same password for your pay pal account and the email account. Remember, never to click any link on emails received to access or login to your pay pal account. Pay pal email scams come up with very convincing but fraudulent content and urge you to update or correct problems in your account by clicking a link.

(08) Logout When Finished: This is a good habit when accessing any online website that required you to login. Online payment and financial websites like pay pal and bank accounts are very confidential so treat them that way. It is not a good idea to remain logged in and merely minimize the web page. You might ultimately forget to logout and leave your account wide open for people with bad intentions. If you are not in the habit of logging out of your account, remember that this could have added dangers when accessing your pay pal account from a shared computer like in an office.

The above contents have been prepared by the Kaisilver network team and we have tried to keep the content as simple and non-technical as possible. The information is provided in public interest and is not intended to make a campaign for or against Paypal. The basic safety tips mentioned above will be useful for users of any online service where confidential information is to be accessed after a validated login.

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