Ring Finger, Which Finger Is The Ring Finger And What Is The Meaning Of The Ring Finger

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Ring Finger Meaning

Which Finger Is The Ring Finger

The Finger On Which You Wear Your Ring Could Depend On The Objective With Which The Ring Is Worn

What is the meaning of ring finger?
Which is the ring finger?
What finger to wear a ring on?
On which finger should a wedding ring be worn?
Which is the ring finger for a promise ring?
Which is the finger to wear an engagement ring on?
Why was a particular finger preferred to be the ring finger?
Other interesting information about the ring finger.

The above are a few common questions asked by buyers and very often the answers to these questions are scattered across numerous websites making the information gathering process, boring and time consuming. The team of experts at Kaisilver have worked to compile what will surely be, the most comprehensive report on issues concerning the ring finger. The information is both interesting and useful and you should therefore spend some time reading the report. In the paragraphs below we answer all the above questions related to the meaning of the ring finger and provide simple explanations in non-technical terms.

What is the meaning of ring finger?
The simplest explanation to this question would be that, a ring finger is the finger on which the ring is worn. Most people would expect more information that this when asking about the ring finger and the content below will provide more detailed information. It would now be clear that, there is a particular finger that is referred to as a ring finger and it would therefore not be correct to say that any finger that wears a ring is a ring finger.

Which is the ring finger?
The ring finger is considered to be the fourth finger when starting the count from the thumb. In general, people refer to the this finger of the left hand as the ring finger. To make things clearer, hold your left palm in front of you with fingers open. With your open palm facing you, start counting your fingers starting with the thumb and move towards the right, the fourth finger is the ring finger. You will find many websites defining the ring finger as the third finger, not counting the thumb. No matter which explanation you follow, you should be arriving at the same finger. An easier explanation would be to say that, the ring finger is next to the tiny finger (also referred to as pinky finger) of your left hand.

Which finger to wear a ring on?
A ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand is taken to have matrimonial implications. It is therefore obvious that, most people would wear a wedding ring or an engagement ring on the left hand ring finger. Special mention should be made of the promise ring which is worn for many reasons, one of which could be a commitment to marriage or matrimonial loyalty between two persons. Promise rings worn with such intentions are also worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

On which finger should a wedding ring be worn?
In recent times, the most popular finger to wear a wedding ring is the, ring finger of the left hand. There is a ring that precedes a wedding ring and this is the engagement ring. This ring is also generally worn on the left hand ring finger. In some cases, the engagement ring is modified with a few etchings added to it and becomes the wedding ring. In other cases the wedding ring is worn above the engagement ring, so the ring finger in that case would actually be wearing two rings.

Which is the ring finger for a promise ring?
As mentioned above, a promise ring can be worn for many reasons. The finger on which a promise ring is worn would depend on the reason for which it is worn. A promise ring worn to symbolize close friendship (not with matrimonial intentions) should not be worn on the left hand ring finger as the intentions could be misunderstood. The ring finger of the left hand would be the correct finger to wear a promise ring that, is meant to show a commitment to get married in the future or one that signifies matrimonial loyalty. You can see our high end collection of promise rings by clicking here .

Which is the engagement ring finger?
An engagement ring is used to seal a commitment between two individuals and the commitment results in a marriage. In this case matrimonial intentions are very clear and the ring finger on the left hand is where the engagement ring should be worn. The question then arises as to which finger the wedding ring should be worn on. There are two popular practices for this, the first is to add some etchings or slight modifications to the engagement ring and use it as a wedding ring as well. This wedding ring would remain on the left hand ring finger. The second practice is more prevalent and in this case the wedding ring is worn on the same ring finger of the left hand (where the engagement ring is worn) above the engagement ring. This would obviously mean that the left hand ring finger would then have two rings, one would be the engagement ring and the other would be the wedding ring.

Why was a particular finger called the ring finger?
There was an ancient belief that a very vital blood vessel ran from the ring finger on the left hand directly to the heart. It was therefore thought appropriate, that a ring that symbolized true love should be worn on the ring finger. The vein was given the name 'vena amori' meaning 'the vein of love'. The Egyptians and Romans believed that, the wedding ring which symbolized eternal love would best be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.
As medical science developed, it became apparent that the ancient belief was wrong and there was really no 'vein of love' that ran from the ring finger on the left hand to the heart! However, the practice of referring to that particular finger as the ring finger has continued to this day.
Besides the strong belief in the vein of love, there is another interesting school of thought that tries to explain why a finger was named as the ring finger. In a Christian wedding, the priest normally says the following four phrases: (i) In the name of the Father. (ii) In the name of the Son. (iii) And of the Holy Ghost. (iv) Amen. As these words are uttered, the ring is moved one finger at a time from the thumb, to the index finger, on to the middle finger and finally moved to (and left) on the ring finger when the fourth phrase 'Amen' is uttered. This finger was therefore called the ring finger according to traditions followed in a Christian wedding.

Other interesting information regarding the ring finger.
The paragraphs so far covered the issues explaining the significance and beliefs regarding wearing a ring on the ring finger. We also learnt the reasons why a finger came to be called as the ring finger. Most of the traditions and beliefs that we mentioned so far were based on ancient beliefs and folklore and have continued to this day despite, the advancement in science and medicine.
Medical experts have tried to study and establish the relavance of the length of the ring finger as compared to the index finger, to the personality of the individual. We would like to mention here that, such studies have so far yielded results and findings that have mere academic interest and a lot more research remains to be done. Studies by psychologists claim to establish that men with shorter index fingers relative to the ring finger are more prone to be physically aggressive throughout their lives.
Men that fall in the above category are believed to possess higher testosterone levels even before birth (while still in the womb). The levels of testosterone are studied to have direct relavance to personalities exhibiting physical aggression. The studies conducted so far also point out that such relationships cannot be established for women. However some experts claim, that men with fingers that have feminine dimensions are more prone to depression.
With the present levels of research and scientific knowledge, it is admitted that these findings cannot be used conclusively to analyze the personality of individuals. The progress so far can at best be used as, an indicator for the direction of future research.

We do hope that the information presented in the above report on the ring finger has been useful to you. As one of the world's leading online provider of high end custom jewelry, Kaisilver has tried to provide buyers with complete and indepth information on various aspects of gem stones and jewelry. We believe that well informed buying decisions are for the mutual benefit of everyone and do not pressurize buyers into making impulse purchases.

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