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Small Sapphire Rings  

Gold or Silver Sapphire Gem Stone Ring With Small Sapphire Stones 

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When talking of small sapphire rings we mean, sapphire gem stone rings with small size sapphires. This might not seem like a big issue but, the fact is that the size of the sapphires you choose would influence the price and quality that your budget would need to handle. It is also important to understand that the sapphire gems that we refer to in this report are, natural gems and not man made substitutes. We will explain why small sapphire rings are more likely to provide gems of better quality, you will also learn what exactly constitutes 'small' size when it comes to sapphire gemstones.

Like most gems, sapphires are priced per carat. In case you are not aware, a carat is the unit of measure used to weigh gems. One gram contains five carats, a kilogram contains 5,000 carats. Large sapphire gems are rarer and therefore cost more per carat as compared to smaller sizes. This is true even when you compare sapphire gems of the same color, clarity and origin. This is one of the main reasons why you can expect better quality gems in a small sapphire ring. So how small is small sapphire gem stone, this is an interesting question and we will answer it right here. A 6mm round blue sapphire gemstone would be on the borderline of small. Such a sapphire would weigh around 1 to 1.2 carat and a good quality blue sapphire in this size, should cost you around 200 U.S$ to 300 U.S$ for the piece. This works out to around 180 U.S$ to 275 U.S$ per carat based on a 6mm round gemstone, let us refer to this sapphire as S6. Now if you wanted a 7mm round blue sapphire gemstone in the same quality as S6, you could pay around 350 U.S$ to 500 U.S$ per carat.

For our discussion on small sapphire gem stone rings, we will presume that the gem size is between 3mm and 6mm (including 6mm). We do know that 2mm or 2.5mm blue sapphires are even smaller than 3mm gems but, sizes below 3mm are more rightly used as accent stones and not as the main gem stone in the jewel. You might be under the impression that a 4mm sapphire ring might be a very small sapphire ring! But that really depends on the way that the sapphire ring is designed and crafted. For example, Kaisilver does offer small sapphire rings in gold or 925 silver that look extravagant and lavish and yet, have sapphire gems that are no larger than 3mm! The concept of a small sapphire gem stone ring need not deliver a tiny or dainty jewel. A researched design can accomodate many small sapphire gems that are firmly mounted in a gold or 925 silver sapphire ring.

At Kaisilver we do get queries asking whether a 14k or 18k small sapphire ring, would be suitable as a sapphire wedding or engagement ring. The point is that, it is the quality of sapphires that is important for special ocassion rings. And since large good quality sapphires can be very expensive, it is a good idea to keep the gemstone sizes in control and consider sapphire rings with small sapphire stones. There is no hard and fast rule of what could be a wedding or engagement ring and what could not. The main thing, is that you should really like the jewel - once that is determined give attention to design, metal weight, gem quality and craftsmanship. There is a good option of adding diamonds (need not be very large) to small sapphire gemstone rings. The subtle glitter from the diamonds should not drown the beauty and grace of the sapphires though. Sapphire diamond rings with small sapphire gems and good quality diamonds would make awesome, wedding or engagement rings.

We did mention that, good weight is essential for your gold or silver small sapphire ring. You might be surprised that we recommend good metal weight even for a small sapphire gem stone ring! As the prices of gold and silver move up, jewelers have started investing progressively smaller metal weight for all jewelry. This is indeed sad as low metal weight also means lower longterm durability. Before you fall prey to selfish jewelers pushing light weight junk jewelry on you, let us explain a few things about metal weight. When we say that your small sapphire stone ring needs GOOD metal weight, we do not mean to say that it should be heavy or bulky. The metal weight of a jewel should be proportionate to the size and dimensions of the jewel. In the case of a silver or gold small sapphire gemstone ring we would say that, the ring size relates to the size of the jewel, the width and thickness of the jewel would refer to the other dimensions. So how much of metal is 'good' - unfortunately there are no fixed lucky numbers here. The ideal metal weight will need to be decided based on a specific jewel but, we will tell you something very useful here. Stay away from sapphire gemstone rings that weight less than 8 to 9 grams, you deserve better no matter how tiny your finger size is. A skilled designer backed by skilled craftsmen can deliver a sapphire ring that has, good weight without appearing bulky.

Let us now talk a bit about the origin of the sapphire gems for your gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone ring. As you might be aware, sapphire value is also influenced by the location in which the sapphires were mined. The general preference is Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and Thailand. When you talk about a small sapphire gemstone ring with sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), you pay a premium price just for the origin of the gems. To be very honest, heavy mining for many decades has now changed a few equations. So you might find that Madagascar blue sapphires look prettier than SOME ceylon sapphire gems. But if all you want is the origin to be Sri Lanka, you might have to make do with gems that look less pretty. You can still get very pretty ceylon sapphires but they can cost several times more than sapphire gems from other locations. To keep things simple and understandable we would suggest that, you make sure that the sapphires are natural, (only) conventional heat treated and good looking.

Now another very interesting thing about sapphire colors. Most people think of blue sapphire gems when they need a sapphire ring. However sapphires are available in many colors besides blue. Your small sapphire ring could have yellow, pink, green, blue, orange or even white sapphire gemstones. Depending on the design concept that you choose for your gold or sterling silver sapphire ring, you might want to consider mixing sapphires with different colors in the same ring. This is ofcourse more easily done if you go for a custom sapphire ring, readymade jewels will not allow such flexibility.


The above information will equip you better to make the right buying decision when, choosing a gold or 925 silver sapphire ring with small sapphire gemstones. Kaisilver sapphire rings, are custom made in all designs and sizes. Since you can choose the gemstones of your choice for all custom jewelry that you order from us, sapphires in all colors and other gems are also ideas that you should consider. We have put together a collection of Kai Silver sapphire rings with gems that are not very large. Just remember that you could actually pick any design from our site and request for it to be made with sapphire. You could infact, send us sketches or images of your own designs - we will be glad to custom make the jewel for you. Email our support experts at if you need any information or clarifications related to gems and jewelry. We are always willing to share our experience and expertise without expecting you to purchase anything from us.




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