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Selecting White Gold Or Yellow Gold For Your Gold Jewelry.
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Choosing White Gold Or Yellow Gold For Jewelry

The Fact That You Have White Gold And Yellow Gold Means That Some People Prefer White Gold And Others Prefer Yellow Gold. The Beauty Of Your Jewelry Would Depend On The Designs, The Craftsmanship And The Gemstones. Most People Stop At That And Then Blindly Go For White Gold Or Yellow Gold Because They Like It. The Final Results Can Be Disappointing, The Best Gems With High End Craftsmanship And Award Winning Designs Can All Do Little To Bring Out The Beauty Of Your Jewelry If You Have Selected The Wrong Gold Color. In Reality The Color Of The Gemstones Would Directly Influence The Color Of Gold That Is Suited To The Jewelry.

Consider Gemstone Colors Before Selecting White Or Yellow Gold

This Is Perhaps The Most Important Consideration For Deciding On White Or Yellow Gold For Your Jewelry. If You Have A Medium Color Transparent Gemstone You Would Be A Bit Lucky As You Could Choose Yellow Gold Or White Gold For The Jewel. A Medium Color Gem Stone Would Not Contrast Too Much With Either Yellow Or White Gold And The Beauty Of The Gemstone Would Be Visible In Both Yellow And White Gold Jewellery. A Very Light Pale Colored Gemstone Like A Light Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Or A Faint Pink Kunzite Gem Stone Would Best Be Suited For White Gold Jewelry. The Transparency Of The Stone Would Make The Gold Very Visible And Since White Gold Would Not Add Any Color Tint To The Jewelry The Pale Color Of The Gemstone Would Still Be Visible. Now We Come To The Dark Deep Colored Gemstones, Something Like A Very Dark Blue Iolite Gemstone Or A Deep Blue Sapphire, In This Case The Transparency Is Almost Lost In The Deep Color And The Surrounding Gold Color Adds Contrast To The Gemstone. Avoid Making White Gold Jewelry With These Type Of Gemstones. The Reason Is Simple, The Stark White Color Gold Will Contrast Too Much With The Dark Colored Gemstones And This Would Make Your Gems Appear Almost Black. Dark Green Tourmaline Is Another Example Where White Gold Would Make The Gem Appear Almost Black In Color. In This Case Using Yellow Gold Helps Soften The Contrast And Is More Suited.

Should Skin Color Influence Gold Choice

The Answer Is A Big NO! Jewelry Is Worn For Fashion, For Style And For Making The Person Look Or Feel Better. There Is No Room For Skin Color Or Gender Discrimination. White Gold Jewelry Would Look Great On Dark Skin, Yellow Gold Jewellery Looks Much More Bigger And Fuller On Dark Skin. Worry More About The Gemstone Choice Mentioned Above And Look At The Possibility Of Matching Your Jewelry With The Clothes You Wear. If You Feel That Light Colored Gemstones Don't Go Well With Your Skin Color Then Jump For The Current Trends Of Transluscent Or Opaque Gemstones Like Blue Turquoise, Green Jade, White Jade, Carnelian, Jasper, Bloodstone And Many More. Ofcourse White Opal, Black Opal And Pearls Are A Nice Choice Too.

About A Combination Of White And Yellow Gold

You Have A Dark Colored Gemstone And Yet Love White Gold. The White Gold Would Over Contrast With The Dark Deep Colored Gemstone And Make It Look Black. You Can Still Have Your Preference By Using A Combination Of Yellow Gold And White Gold For Your Jewellery. You Could Make The Entire Ring With White Gold And Border Just The Gemstone With Yellow Gold. Ofcourse This Works The Other Way Too, A Pale Colored Gemstone Like A Very Light Kunzite Gem Stone Can Be Bordered In White Gold And Then Set In A Yellow Gold Mounting. There Is Another Trend Growing Popular And That Has Got To Do With Economizing Your Budget. Let's Assume That You Have A Nice Yellow Gold Chain And Another White Gold Chain. You Might Want To Invest In A Pendant That Can Be Worn With Both Chains. You Can Choose A Two Toned Gold Pendant Which Basically Means That The Pendant Mounting Would Have A Combination Of Both White Gold And Yellow Gold. This Can Then Be Worn With Either The Yellow Gold Chain Or The White Gold Chain. In Most Cases All It Would Take Is To Make The Pendant In White Gold And Have The Bale (Loop For The Chain) Use Yellow Gold Or Vice Versa.

Is White Gold Suitable For Male Rings And Jewelry

Male Rings And Male Jewelry In General Have Always Been A Vague And Hazy Market. For Reasons Unknown Male Ring Designs Were Never Really Created, Most Male Rings Look Like Crude Lumps Of Gold With Gemstones Thrown In Like An After Thought. Sad But True. That Is Changing Now And Kaisilver Plays A Lead Role In Bringing About This Change. Our Designers Have Given An Identity To Male Jewelry And Proved That White Gold Or Yellow Gold Are Equally Suited For Male Rings And Male Jewellery. Male Rings Should Have Good Gold Weight And Generally Use Larger Gemstones. With Good Craftsmanship They Would Look Great And Sturdy In Either White Or Yellow Gold. If You Need Proof Of This, Visit Our Male Gold Ring Section Click Here For The Male Rings Section Besides The Latest Male Ring Designs In Both Yellow Gold And White Gold, You Will Also Find Information And Suggestions For Your Male Rings In Simple And Non Technical Terms.

Do Diamonds Look Better In White Gold Or Yellow Gold

Diamonds Look Great In Any Gold. In Recent Times Colored Diamonds Are Getting To Be Popular. So You Can Get Diamonds To Suit Your White Gold Jewelry Or Yellow Gold Jewellry. Generally Diamonds Are Used More As Accent Gems Rather Than The Main Gemstone In Jewellery. As A Result All You Need To Be Aware Of Is The Main Gemstone Color And The Color Of The Gold You Use For Your Jewellery. In Case Of Special Occassion Rings Like Wedding And Engagement Rings Most Buyers Go Solely By Personal Likes. Solitaire Diamond Rings In White Gold Are More Popular As Compared To Yellow Gold Diamond Solitaire Rings. So To Summarize, The Decision To Use White Or Yellow Gold For Diamond Rings Is Influenced More By Personal Preference Rather Than Matching Colors.

In The Above Write Up We Have Tried To Highlight Some Issues That You Should Consider Before Choosing White Or Yellow Gold For Your Jewelry. The Information Can Be Used In Different Ways, If You Have Decided On The Gemstones For Your Jewelry Go For The Gold Color That Would Suit The Color Of Your Gemstones. On The Other Hand If You Are Sure Of The Gold Color You Want, Look For Gemstones That Would Match The Gold Color Of Your Choice.

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