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White Topaz Gemstone  

Is White Topaz Natural, Where Is White Topaz Found

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Few people have not heard of topaz gems but, many topaz gem lovers are not aware that white topaz is found in natural form. A few years ago when Kaisilver unveiled what it now, one of the hottest mens white topaz rings, queries came in from many parts of the world. Many questions related to the origin of white topaz gemstones, we were asked whether white topaz was natural. A few buyers from Europe wanted to know whether, a specific irradiation treatment made topaz colorless (white). While we did patiently explain and answer all questions, it obviously is not possible for one single jeweler to educate such a large section of gemstone lovers.

In this report we will talk about white topaz gems, we will also explain why this gem is mined in every country where topaz gemstones are mined. The fact is that most of the topaz that is mined, is white or a little off-white in color. Blue topaz which is the most popular color shade for topaz gems, is very rarely found in natural form. It is white topaz that is treated to produce sky blue, swiss blue and london blue topaz gemstones. As far as the treatment of white topaz is concerned, it is generally heated to increase it's whiteness and take off any other hues that might appear due to the presence of various trace elements in the rough stone.

It is an interesting fact that, white topaz rings are not very common. A white colorless gem might not attract the attention of many jewelry buyers. An exception would be when a gem like white topaz, is cut in fancy shapes and adorned with some unique cuts and facets. Such gems can cast an almost magical spell when, light enters the gem and gets reflected on those interestingly angled facets and corners. Another reason why most of the white topaz is treated to obtain blue topaz is related to business and economics. Blue topaz can be marketed and sold at a much higher price as compared to white topaz gems. Even after covering overheads related to treating costs, blue topaz is a higher profit earner for the gemstone manufacturer as compared to white topaz.

To answer the often asked question regarding the origin of white topaz, here is a simple answer. With Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and even India holding commercially viable resources related to topaz gems - these would also be the countries where white topaz is found. But once again, do not expect to find large quantities of white topaz gems for sale in these countries. Most mining operations prefer to direct most of their white topaz rough, for treatment to get the more profitable shades of blue topaz.

Even with most of the topaz being treated to produce blue topaz, you can still find some very fine pieces of white topaz gemstones. Let us see how this happens in a major gem processing nation, Thailand. White topaz from Brazil and a few African nations, is brought into Thailand and sold to large gem manufacturers. These manufacturers do the basic shape cutting, and then send the white topaz for treatment, the ideas is to get various shades of blue topaz gems. Large topaz treatment operations exist in the U.S, recent reports say that the Swiss have also invested in advanced equipment to treat topaz and get blue topaz. On a smaller scale, topaz treatment laboratories exist in Thailand, Indonesia and India too. If you wanted to get a white topaz gemstone or a jewel with a white topaz gem, your gem or jewelry provider would need to interecept the stone before the basic shape cutting is done. This rough topaz would then be heated to ensure that, the gem shows it's whitest color. The stone would then be shaped, cut and polished as per your requirement. Since you would most probably be purchasing just one, or a small number of pieces you might have to pay a price that is a bit higher. However the price would definitely be worth the effort because, you would be assured of a natural white topaz gemstone.


We do hope that this report on white topaz gems has cleared your doubts and questions. To a genuine gem lover or gem collector, white topaz is a gemstone that offers good value at a modest price. If you plan to get a cut and polished white topaz gem, make sure that you get an eye clean stone with flawless cut. This should be possible even with a large white topaz gem that is in the 5 to 7 carat size range. You can always email our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com for any requirements or queries related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to offer you our expert advice even if, you do not plan to make any purchase from us.


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