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Vol: 012    Date: 27 July 2005

The sources for good quality wholesale silver jewelry seem to be reducing in number by the day. As jewelry manufacturers move on to produce more lucrative gold jewelry, many silver jewelry wholesalers are closing operations. At the same time, the few remaining wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturing operators accept, only very large orders with a view to make a decent profit margin. It is important that both buyers and manufacturers of wholesale silver jewelry start understanding each other. In this exclusive report we tackle issues that are of interest to both buyers and manufacturers of wholesale 925 silver jewelry.

www.kaisilver.com   is the world's largest on line jewelry provider. Buyers from over 17 nations shop at our fine jewelry on line. With direct and preferential access to the world's largest resources of gemstones and a base of over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans, we provide an unmatched degree of flexibility and customization for all your custom jewelry.   Email us at sales@kaisilver.com for all your custom jewelry requirements and our team of experts will answer all your queries. Shopping at our on line jewelry store is a pleasant experience as you are never rushed into placing an order and can always shop at your pace and convenience.

We also welcome orders for good quality wholesale silver jewelry. All jewelry will have good craftsmanship and handpicked gemstones. We can work with your designs or ours and all jewelry can be made in sterling silver or gold.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry

Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale: By good quality wholesale silver jewelry we mean, jewelry with good craftsmanship, good metal weight and good quality gemstones. This report may not be useful for those who deal in lightweight junk quality silver jewelry that is politely referred to as 'close out' or 'blow out' jewelry. Thailand is an important source for wholesale sterling silver jewelry but the sources are gradually dwindling in number. The main reasons are (a) Producers moving to gold production that offers better margins. (b) Closing of business due the uneconomical operating costs of producing wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry.

In this report we try to tackle all major issues that concern both, buyers and producers of good quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry. It is important that both parties understand the issues affecting each other in a sector where neither buyer nor seller is king. We start off by explaining how wholesale silver jewelry orders are handled right from the price quote request to order confirmation and finally the manufacturing process involved.

The Process Of Ordering and Manufacturing custom wholesale sterling silver jewelry involves the following stages:
(a) The buyer first requests for a price quote based on his own designs or chooses from the designs provided by the seller. This request will need to specify the volume of the order, the gemstones or diamonds required and dimension specifications. The order volume is an important factor in wholesale sterling silver jewelry because this has a significant relation to the price quoted. The dimensions of the jewelry and gemstones required will enable the wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer to calculate silver weight and cost and also estimate the gemstone and diamond costs.
(b) If the request is for a design provided by the buyer, the seller will need to include his design and mould overheads when quoting for the price of the custom wholesale 925 silver jewelry. In cases where the order volume is very large, overheads for the design and moulding process are spread over the large volume and will be quite insignificant. However, for smaller lot sizes of wholesale silver jewelry, these overheads would inflate the price tag. On the other hand if the request is for a design that already exists with the seller, design and mould overheads can be eliminated. This also applies to repeat orders placed by the buyer for the same items.
(c) Selecting the quality of gemstones and diamonds is another factor that has an influence on the pricing of wholesale silver jewelry orders. Very often wholesale sterling silver jewelry is made with extremely low grade gemstones. These are infact rejected gemstones with bad color, inclusions, cracks and other flaws. Cheaper prices can also be had by using awful quality diamonds that look opaque and powdery. We are not referring to this awful kind of silver jewelry in our discussion.
(d) The price quoted for custom sterling silver wholesale jewelry will also depend on the metal weight of the jewelry. Light weight jewelry can be cheap but this would mean that such silver jewelry will bend and twist at the slightest impact. The lower silver weight will also not allow the gemstones or diamonds to be firmly mounted in the jewelry. Such jewelry will have a very short life span as frequent repairs are not feasible for silver jewelry. In our discussion, we include wholesale silver jewelry with good metal weight and this adds to the longterm durability of the jewels. It is quite sad that most wholesales silver jewelry is lightweight junk with low quality gems and diamonds. The interests of the final consumer are conveniently forgotten with wholesalers paying excessive attention to low prices alone.
(e) Does wholesale silver jewelry need to have bad craftsmanship? This is almost the rule today and very few manufacturers provide good craftsmanship for such jewelry. As such, jewelry manufacturing is a labour intensive process and skilled craftsmen are not easy to find and not cheap either. Wholesale 925 silver jewelry is made by a mechanised casting process but the final finishing operation will require handfinishing by skilled craftsmen. Though this is a time consuming process it is also the only way in which good quality wholesale silver jewelry can be made.
Wholesale Silver Jewelry FAQ: In this section we answer most of the commonly asked questions regarding sterling silver wholesale jewelry.
(i) Why is the first piece expensive? The question has been partially answered in the above paragraphs but here are the full details. When the wholesale jewelry manufacturer makes the first piece there are overheads incurred for design and moulding processes. Very often the process of finalising a design and the mould are to be repeated many times before the perfect piece can be had. The manufacturer will therefore like to recover these overheads with the first piece made. However, when the first piece is combined with a large order of a minimum size of 100 pieces, the expense of design and mould are thinly spread over all 100 pieces and therefore do not show significantly on the price tag. Aside from this, the manufacturer also tries to protect himself from the situation where the buyer purchases only the first piece from him and then hops on to another manufacturer for the whole order. It is these factors that cause the first piece to appear more expensive as compared to subsequent lots.
(ii) Why are larger lots cheaper? When ordering sterling silver wholesale jewelry you will notice that the per unit (piece) price is cheaper as the order size increases. The first reason as explained above, is because of the overheads being shared by a larger number of pieces. Another reason is the better price of gemstones and diamonds that the manufacturer can get because of larger purchases. Most gemstone prices will drop sharply when volume orders are placed and gemstone sellers charge a stiff premium when orders are only for a few pieces. Finally, the chances of flaws in production are reduced as the craftsmen keep making the same product a number of times. This benefits the manufacturer as repairs and losses are reduced to a minimum.
(iii) Will re-orders be cheaper? The answer is a sure 'yes' provided that the design remains the same as the original order. If there is a need for design changes in the silver wholesale jewelry order, the manufacturer might need to remake or remodel the mould. However you should remember that a mere change of gemstone will not require the design or mould to be remade. In such cases the price of the new gemstone chosen might cause the price tag to move up or down.
(iv) Is it good to plate silver? You would surely have come across shinning and gorgeous wholesale silver jewelry. Plated sterling silver jewelry can look as beautiful as yellow gold, white gold or platinum jewelry. Silver jewelry can be plated with rhodium, white gold, yellow gold and even platinum. But the important thing to note is that, all plating will wear off with time and the jewelry then starts to look quite awful! This is because the plating wears off in bits and patches. Consider this issue before deciding to use any plating for your wholesale 925 silver jewelry. All manufacturers of sterling silver wholesale jewelry will provide plating at a small additional charge.
(v) Are gemstone options limited? If the seller of wholesale silver jewelry is the manufacturer, there should really be no limitation for the gemstone options available. However, the major issue for any silver jewelry is a cheap price tag and expensive gemstones could push the price tag beyond the acceptable market price range. This is the reason why sterling silver wholesale jewelry is generally made with cheaper gemstones like topaz, peridot, amethyst, quartz, citrine, jade, onyx, carnelian, agate and even synthetic man made gems.
(vi) What about metal weight? Most wholesale sterling silver jewelry is made keeping a low price and good profits in mind. This is something that is true and no one could deny it. This is the main reason why silver jewelry, when made for wholesale orders has low weight even at the expense of long term durability. However the fact is that, low silver weight also means flimsy mountings that bend and twist at the slightest impact. Low weight also results in the gemstones and diamonds being badly mounted. It is possible to make wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry with good silver weight though few manufacturers would care to cater to the limited market for such jewelry.
(vii) What about craftsmanship? Once again, most wholesale sterling silver jewelry is made with bad quality craftsmanship. Good jewelry making requires substantial amounts of skilled craftsmanship and sellers fear that this could drive the prices higher and keep them out of mass markets. Though wholesale silver jewelry is produced by a mechanized process, it is possible to provide good craftsmanship by handfinishing the jewelry in the final phase of production. Bad craftsmanship in many cases means, loosely mounted gemstones, sharp prongs and other edges and also disfigured jewelry. Sadly all this is done with the intention of keeping low price tags and making a fast buck at the expense of the final consumer.

Wholesale silver jewelry from Kaisilver:
When discussing about wholesale sterling jewelry we have so far highlighted the issues that concern the seller and the buyer. However Kaisilver looks at such jewelry in a slightly different perspective and also considers the final consumer who actually buys such jewelry and wears it.
Briefly here is what we offer for our wholesale silver jewelry:
(a) Good design: We work with buyers of wholesale silver jewelry to create designs that not only look good but also posess better durability. For example, prongs are avoided where possible, as prongs could stick in clothes and other places. This causes them to slowly open up and loosen the gemstone. A better option is to border the entire gemstone with silver or use thicker and sturdy prongs where they have to be used.
(b) Good craftsmanship: With a base of over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans, we provide good handfinishing in the final phase of production for all wholesale silver jewelry. very few manufacturers provide this quality craftsmanship for silver jewelry.
(c) Healthy metal weight: Good silver weight is another rarity for wholesale sterling silver jewelry. As the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry, we ensure that all jewelry has 50% to 60% more weight as compared to what other manufacturers provide for similar designs. The good weight ensures that jewelry retains shape and does not bend and dent at the slightest excuse. Gemstones and diamonds are also more firmly mounted with sufficient metal content.
(d) Unlimited gemstone choice: We are directly networked to the world's largest sources of gemstones and in most cases gems are procured directly from miners. This gigantic setup gives us direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Each gem is handpicked and custom cut by experts and we do not indulge in gimmicks like 'close out' and 'blow out' sales where low grade gems are set in lightweight mountings. You need not limit yourself to the gemstones that you see on our website and can email us sales@kaisilver.com with all your requirements. A team of Kaisilver designers and craftsmen answer all queries and advise you of possible options available.
(e) All order sizes are welcome: Most manufacturers of wholesale silver jewelry expect the buyer to order a minimum of 100 pieces of the same item before taking up the order. This could be a problem in cases where the buyer is not sure of the market reaction to the product and needs to test the product with a small lot. At kaisilver we welcome wholesale silver jewelry orders that are as small as 5 pieces or more. The final price will ofcourse depend on the size of the order and larger orders will be priced at a much lower rate. This allows you to invest a small amount in a small batch of merchandise for testing the market. The mould and design can be used for subsequent larger orders and will not involve a second round of expense unless there is a design change.
(f) Complete flexibility and customization: All design modifications are available and you can even send us your own designs to be custom made. We provide a complete range of gemstone options and this includes both genuine and synthetic (manmade) gemstones. When you order your wholesale sterling silver jewelry from Kaisilver, you can choose to set different gemstones in the same design and still have it regarded as a wholesale order. For example, an order for 10 pieces of a silver ring can include 5 pieces with blue topaz, 1 piece with amethyst and the remaining pieces with citrine. This will be considered as one order for 10 pieces and the price will be calculated as such.

We do hope that you have found this detailed discussion on wholesale silver jewelry to be both interesting and useful. It really does not matter whether you finally order from us or from any other jewelry producer. The information will help you in evaluating your options and ensure that you get a good deal without making undue compromises on quality and other details.

More Interesting Information

White Sapphire Gems: Diamonds are considered to be the hardest gemstone and score a whole 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness. Sapphires come a close second and have a hardness of 9 on the same scale. This makes white sapphires a good substitute for diamonds when the price of diamond jewelry is out of the buyer's range. White sapphires are generally available in smaller sizes and the larger size white sapphires often have a very faint tint of blue, pink or yellow color. Most people refer to these as 'colorless' sapphires too and use them as white sapphires in jewelry. Click Here   for the complete report on the white sapphire gem stone.

Iolite Stones: Gem quality iolite stones look gorgeous but this gemstone is just gaining popularity and will soon reach it's full potential. Iolite has very often been associated and compared with Tanzanite but the truth is that iolite is not tanzanite, though some shades of iolite could closely resemble the color of Tanzanite. Iolite stone is also priced much lower as compared to Tanzanite and the reasons for price differences are very interesting. The gemstone is also more durable as compared to Tanzanite. In the early days iolite was referred to as, the gemstone of the Vikings since it was supposed to be capable of pointing to the direction of the sun even on the high seas and in heavily cloudy conditions. Our complete report on the Iolite stone covers all these and more in detail, and makes very interesting reading. Click Here   and read our comprehensive article on iolite stones and understand why this gemstone is priced much lower than tanzanite.

The New Product Section:

[Click Image] Highend belly button jewelry from our online fine jewelry stores Click The Image For Details
In an effort to fill the void in the market for high end custom body jewelry, Kaisilver has released the first fully researched design for a belly button ring. After creating the world's first collection of high end men's rings and moving on to make the world's best rendition of the legendary Irish Claddagh ring we have now added a new dimension to body jewelry that no other jeweller can match. Full customization is provided and we can provide all gemstone options for your designs or ours.

[CLICK IMAGE] man ring with iolite gemstone from our jewelry store online Click The Image For Details
The launching of the iolite gemstone in this issue of our jewelry newsletter coincides with the release of the MAN31 ring with an awesome custom cut iolite gemstone. The ring has a majestic broad band and stunning metal weight. The etchings on the band are optional and can include etchings of your choice. Like always, you can order this ring in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with any gemstone of your choice.

[CLICK IMAGE] Custom made at our online fine jewelry store Click The Image For Details
Adding to our exclusive collection of affordable diamond jewelry is the RG200 diamond ring. This ring has a fairly large diamond of size 4mm or 5mm and the price tag has still been kept at a modest level. Our huge selection of gemstone options will surely interest those of you who like this design but would like to use another gemstone instead of the diamond. We will continue to add more interesting designs to our range of affordable diamond jewelry so do keep coming back.

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As the world's leading online jewelry store, Kaisilver provides abundant information and useful tips through this jewelry newsletter. The emphasis is not on selling or convincing you about how good we are. It has always been our policy to keep buyers well informed by answering all questions and queries in an honest and straightforward manner. We cover issues that other jewellers would not dare to reveal as they feel that the truth would keep buyers away. Click For Archives and see the huge resource of gemstone and jewelry information that is being built up by our team of jewelry professionals. While you will find hundreds of online jewelry stores, you will never find another jewelry online store that reveals as much as we do. We believe that a well informed purchase is beneficial to both of us as, .....we are on your side.

About Our jewelry

You could shop for your jewelry at an online jewelry store like Kaisilver or walk into a jewelry store near you, in both cases you will need to value the jeweller before you value the jewelry. When you visit our jewelry online store you will get the benefit of our experience and expertise and will never be pressurised into placing an order. All jewelry is completely custom made with high end craftsmanship and handfinished to perfection. All jewelry can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold with gemstones of your choice. 3,500 of the world's finest craftsmen and artisans work on all jewelry orders and our massive network provides us with direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. Our jewelry is created with equal emphasis given to style, looks and longterm durability and this is the only way that true high end jewelry can be made. Good gold weight ensures that your jewelry retains shape and does not bend and dent at the slightest excuse. All jewelry at our online store typically weighs around 50% to 60% more as compared to what others offer for similar design. This healthy weight ensures that the gemstones and diamonds are more firmly mounted and make the jewelry more sturdy and durable. You can also send in images of your favourite designs for us to custom make. Click Here for a more detailed profile of Kaisilver service and merchandise.

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......Everyone at Kaisilver, Thank you so very much for the ring you made for my wife. We received it on Friday, and she absolutely loves it. She wore it all weekend and showed it off to all of our family and friends. The ring is beautiful. Iíll be sure to look you up again the next time I need a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thank you again. Take care, and God Bless. Sincerely, Mr.Aaron McWilliams, CA, USA

Thank you for the very handsome ring which I received today. It fits perfectly and it looks great on my hand. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of this ring, the gold has a nice high polish inside and out, the center stone is clean with great color saturation...very nicely done. Cant wait to receive my next order. Thanks again, we shall stay in touch. Mr.Rick Ugliono, USA

Click Here for more buyer comments and you will realize why more than 5,000 buyers in 17 nations rely only on Kaisilver for all their high end jewelry requirements.

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